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Stefani Anastasieska

Consulting can be a career path for anyone if you possess the ability to communicate, willingness to learn and can solve a problem.

Tell us about your background

I was born in Macedonia and came to Sydney at the age of 8 not being able to speak any English. I picked up the language very quickly and by the time I had finished high school, I had a passion for health, which led to my time in University studying a Bachelor of International Pharmacy and a Graduate Certificate of Pharmacy Practice. During my time in university, I was lucky enough to participate in a semester abroad in Boston, USA studying pharmacy for the last semester of my degree. I worked as a pharmacist in charge for 2 years and became curious about other ways to use the skills that I had acquired, so I pursued a Master of Management from the University in Sydney. Throughout the degree, I discovered consulting and deemed it the perfect way to use the soft skills I had acquired in an interesting career.

I applied to Partners in Performance and after going through the interview process, I received my offer in April 2019 and started as a Business Analyst in February 2020.

Why did you choose Partners in Performance (PiP)?

I had done a lot of research about consulting firms to decide which one would be right for me, and Partners in Performance stood out for three main reasons:

  1. The culture – Throughout the interview process, the people I had met and their experiences in the firm showed a team culture of inclusiveness and looking out for each other. Every PiPer had a great relationship with their other colleagues, being closer than they normally would in a very large consulting firm. Everyone champions those around them while challenging them at the same time to make them the best possible person and consultant.  
  2. The clients – Being able to interact with clients even as an entry level employee was really appealing to me. Having the opportunity to help them unleash the potential within their companies was very fulfilling as well as being a part of the positive impact.
  3. The development – One of the most appealing things about PiP was the development aspect. Each employee gets their own development leader to help them along their path, feedback is timely and gets delivered straight away, and every new starter is required to complete an apprenticeship which allows them to get to know every aspect of the firm in the first six months.

What does your job involve?

My role as a business analyst is incredibly varied. I am responsible for supporting my team through analysis, developing models, building presentations and helping clients implement ideas to improve their operations. At Partners in Performance every project is for a different client, industry and team, so you really get to be a part of a wide breadth of experiences.

One of my most interesting engagements was for a utility company in Wellington, New Zealand. Having lived in Australia for the last 19 years, I always considered New Zealand too close for a holiday and had never visited. Luckily with PiP, I got the opportunity to do some work there. Our team spent a few weeks interviewing key stakeholders and analyzing data to identify and quantify potential improvement opportunities. At the end of the project, we had a whole pipeline of improvement ideas and a trained up, capable client team to be able to execute them. Having spent most of 3 months with the clients, you get to develop some interesting professional connections that would be unimaginable if we didn’t get to travel.

Travel is a large part of the job, as a consultant you need to be where the client is, which can be quite a different lifestyle than you may be used to. The beauty of travelling for work is being able to experience new cities, new environments and new client teams, all while learning something new every day.

How have you adapted to consulting during the pandemic?

My first three months of consulting included travelling and working on client sites. Quickly that became impossible due to COVID and I have spent the last 10 months working from home. Getting used to a remote environment may be difficult at first especially when you are newly learning, but what it does provide is a good level of independence that you learn from early on. Having time in the mornings and evenings at home became a dedicated time for exercise and spending time with my family, which has been great for dealing with the multiple lockdowns we’ve endured.

Three pieces of advice for anyone considering a job with Partners in Performance

  1. Don’t be afraid to apply! Consulting can be a career path for anyone if you possess the ability to communicate, willingness to learn and can solve a problem. Coming from a health background, I initially thought that my chances were limited, but I quickly found out that there is a wide level of backgrounds in the firm, from doctors, engineers, pharmacists, lawyers and many more.
  2. Practice, practice, practice. Knowing how to do a case study is one of the most important things through the interview process. Research how to best answer questions (using the STAR method) and present yourself in the best light possible.
  3. Get ready to work hard and have fun! One of the best things about PIP is the people you meet and the relationships you form, even after a long day on a project, knowing the people around you well really make a difference.