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Partners in Performance

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Jonathan Tan

You do get to know a lot about people, and I can honestly say some of my colleagues are my closest friends outside of work!

You studied Commerce and Law, so why consulting?

Honestly, I was nearing the end of my degree and had no idea what I wanted to do! I had some work experience in financial and legal services and knew that was not for me. However during university, I knew that I enjoyed solving problems (eg. In university societies that I was in and case competitions). That naturally drew me to consulting because I wanted to analyse and solve different problems, and to be exposed to and learn about a variety of industries (e.g. Mining, manufacturing, retail etc.)

What made you want to join Partners in Performance?

When I did my research on Partners in Performance, the first thing that struck out to me was their focus on delivering value to the client and that really resonated as I wanted the work I was doing to make some sort of wider impact.

As I made my way through the interview stages, what really affirmed my decision to go with the company (if they would have me haha) was just how friendly and supportive everyone was. We were given pre-interview calls from Business Analysts/Associates to give us a better understanding of the job and answer any 'dumb questions'. We were given plenty of resources and interview feedback from the recruitment team. And most importantly, the interviewers (Directors, Partners and Managers) were all extremely welcoming and wanted to get to know you.

How did you stand out in the recruitment process?

I think just being yourself and showing your genuine personality is one of the most important things that will really allow you to stand out. Furthermore, being methodical during the case interview will help both yourself (in structuring your thoughts and noticing any gaps/patterns) and your interviewer (as they can appreciate your style of thinking, and provide assistance where required)

What’s been the biggest challenge?

The biggest challenge has probably been the steep learning curve, though I will say this is potentially one of the biggest highlights. At the firm, you are treated like everyone else, including your seniors. This means you will be expected to get up to speed quickly because you may have to present your findings to senior clients in your first week. Whilst this may seem scary, it is an amazing opportunity to really push yourself and you will often be surprised how much you can achieve.

Key skills for the job?

Just be ready to be flexible and adaptive because every day will be different and every client will have different problems. It is also important to come in with a willingness and passion to learn, whether that is about different industries, ways of working etc.

What has surprised you about working life?

I think the biggest surprise about working at Partners in Performance was how you could really develop such great friendships with your colleagues. You do get to know a lot about people, and I can honestly say some of my colleagues are my closest friends outside of work!