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NSW Treasury

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Jason Lau

I am currently in my second rotation in which my typical day would start off with reviewing any important email communication I might have missed, followed by some solid research work.

Afternoons generally flew by quickly, especially when I had several back to back meetings that sometimes covered very different themes.

The best thing about coming to work is the people with whom I work; a great team really makes a difference when it comes to enjoying work. As everyone knows, there are times when the work you do can become very dry and or unenjoyable. But if the people around you are open, friendly, and supportive, it can make undertaking work very enjoyable.

The graduate cohort that I am a part of is very close with each other and has been highlighted by many people. I think this closeness makes us work great together – we’re all in the same boat after all! We have a direct way of communicating with each other in which we make ourselves available to individual and collective feedback.