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NSW Treasury

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Honora Campbell

For me the program encompassed everything I was hoping for in a role. It has an economic and financial work base, but room to work on policy issues. It has generous and flexible working conditions, with an emphasis on a technology driven working environment (hot desking, virtual teams, stand-up desks). It gave me responsibility and a hands-off approach, which is much harder to find in entry level private sector roles in a similar space. And above all allowed me to contribute to work that actually mattered, contribute to work in the Education space – post-Gonski reforms, housing affordability policy, indigenous land rights and regulation policy.

This past year has been the biggest year of my life professionally. Post working in private sector finance for 2 years, I was able to align my career with my personal goals of working on real issues with an economic lens. The extensive training I received, the professional relationships I developed and the level of responsibility I received meant I learned a lot in a very short time. I also had the opportunity of joining or participating in various professional development groups such as the Young Professionals Network, the Social Committee, the Economics Society of Australia, to further my personal & professional development – the networking opportunities are only a conversation away here.

Further to this, simply being in a professional and social environment with such a high calibre and diverse group of people is enough to develop your thinking in ways you may not have had a chance to previously– the people that work here are such an asset to Treasury – I’ve really enjoyed working with the people here, just as much as the work itself.

As I briefly touched on, compared to other entry-level roles in similar fields – particularly banking, finance or law, you are able to personally contribute in a meaningful way from day dot. You are trained in technical & soft skills - on top of your previous experience & education - to contribute meaningfully. Leaving out perhaps other government graduate programs, you just don’t see that as much with other similar programs, from what I understand of them.

Also, as touched on prior, the support you receive from HR in regards to workplace relations, professional development and personal care is something I haven’t experienced elsewhere. I believe its becoming much more important, particularly in larger tech and multinationals companies, to genuinely support and listen to their staff, but its something I particularly noticed and value here.

If you want hands on experience, room & training to develop quickly, exposure to different policy areas, respect, and amazing flexibility – Treasury is for you.