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NSW Treasury

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Fariza Fatima

Rotation 1: Public Sector Industrial Relation

Rotation 2: Financial Risk Management

Where I reside and commute from: Penrith

Interesting Fact: I talk to strangers on the train.


I’m an Arts(media)/ Law graduate with previous experience in litigation at boutique law firm and a project officer at a community organisation. I was a volunteer research assistant with the Law Reform Commission, Amnesty@Mq during my studies and in my spare time I am an avid poetry reader, meme creator, life-advice giver and writer.

In my current placement I have been researching and making recommendations for the state’s balance sheet, through assisting with developing effective financial management policies. So far I’m enjoying learning about Financial modelling and the flow on effects towards public policy.

I Continue to volunteer as a Multicultural Youth Ambassador and with the Crescent Institute Social Committee.

A world class public service needs leaders who bring trust, integrity, accountability,  to serve the  people of NSW – first. Through the graduate programme I know I will become equipped with the attributes necessary to bring about change.

What's your background?

My Family moved from Pakistan to Australia in 2000, we chose to settle in Penrith because my mother had come to Australia in the 90s on a scholarship to  study science and she was familiar with that area. I attended a local primary school and subsequently attended Penrith Anglican College . I decided,  I wanted to be lawyer when we completed the unit on Australian Indigenous history and India’s colonisation. And I could see  that there are overlaps in the injustice faced that have a compounding effect for several generations.  There’s a proverb which says “ be just even  if against your own self”  I then became determined to be a lawyer, as the law is a great mechanism for change either through culture reform through policy and legislation, or  remedy through litigation. Later, I learnt about the impact of media in raising awareness about an injustice. I studied Arts (Media)/ Law because I wanted to contribute  to society by effecting change  towards a more just and equitable society.

What's the coolest thing about your job?

The best thing about my work place is the wonderfully kind, considerate, generous with their knowledge, #worldclass colleagues I work with. And the #bold2017 Graduate cohort.

3 pieces of advice for yourself when you were a student...

  1. Constantly remind yourself of  how you contribute to the bigger picture. #skyisthelimit
  2. Don’t miss friend’s engagements, baby showers, henna nights and any other important events. #workhardplayhard.
  3. Be comfortable in your skin, it’s okay to fail  #youreenough