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NSW Treasury

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Charles Coorey

Rotation 1: Financial Management Transformation (FMT)

Rotation 2: Agency Budget & Policy (ABP), Health & Justice

Where I reside and commute from: Merrylands

Interesting Fact: I wish I lived in the early 70’s.


I’m a commerce and economics graduate with previous part-time experience in retail, tuition and asset finance. Coming to NSW Treasury has fulfilled my desire to join public service.

Within FMT, I assisted in our State’s public sector change to a new Financial Management Framework by co-facilitating training sessions for government agencies, and designing complex reporting dashboards to support better management decision making. Currently in ABP, I am researching natural disaster financing arrangements in NSW and making recommendations based on analysis of the NSW context and practices at the Commonwealth and in other jurisdictions.

NSW Treasury operates under the core values of trust, service, integrity and accountability – These are values I strive to embody in my personal life. I am fulfilled knowing that the culture within and outside my workplace are in sync.

What's your background?

I am the eldest of three boys having grown up in the Western Sydney suburb of Merrylands. Education and family were most important throughout my development, along with invaluable work experience having started as a cashier at the local Woolworths. This catapulted me to secure a part-time position at Macquarie Bank that coincided with my university studies at the time. My exposure to the workforce, placement in the Treasury Talent Pool from previous applications, and a desire to contribute to the social fabric of NSW, all contributed to securing a Graduate position at NSW Treasury.

What's the coolest thing about your job?

I have the power to make work what I want it to be, knowing that hard work will lead to outcomes. This is made possible by NSW Treasury assigning challenging tasks to its Graduates.

3 pieces of advice for yourself when you were a student...

  1. Keep up the hard work during adversity
  2. Listen to the experiences and opinions of others
  3. Be bold and always look to improve