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Helena Franczak

6.00 AM

I wake up with the sunrise. After 30 minutes of being lazy in the bed, I go for a quick shower, I dress up and pack a breakfast: two hard-boiled eggs and an avocado.

7.00 AM

I leave home and go for a walk around Manly, my neighbourhood. I choose a comfortable place in the middle of the beach to eat my brekky with a take-away coffee.

7.50 AM

Right before catching a ferry to Darling Harbour I grab another cup of coffee to go. After a bumpy ride across Sydney Harbour, I arrive at my destination.

8.40 AM

I enter the office building. I head to the kitchen to prepare tea. I chat with a colleague and check the news. After arriving at my desk, I catch up with other graduates that sit next to me.

9.00 AM

I open my journal where I keep detailed notes from each day, and I check my today’s “to do” list that I prepared a day before. I pick a task, which is a continuation of writing a program to solve a problem I was given by my mentors. This week I work on a virtual coffee machine. I hurry up to make as much progress as possible to ask many questions during my morning meeting with one of my mentors.

11.00 AM

Meeting with my mentor. This is the time to ask all questions and feel challenged. I didn’t manage to progress much with my code as I got stuck. Sumanth, my mentor, shows me a new concept that will help me get un-stuck. We talked about interfaces and abstract classes in the context of my challenge. I was given many hints and managed to get un-stuck.

MYOB Helena Franczak meeting with mentor

12.00 PM

Lunch time! I hardly ever cook, which means I need to go out and hunt for a good lunch deal, which isn’t difficult in CBD. At the elevator I meet colleagues who are also on their way out to grab some food. I join them and we go ahead together to one of many nearby places for a takeaway meal. We come back to office and sit in the kitchen with others, chatting about weekend plans and eating.

1.00 PM

With a coffee in my hand I head back to my desk. I have only 30 minutes before a meeting with other 2 Proteges for mobbing, which is a session where we program together. I pick a challenge from Code Wars to warm up. Also, I spend 10 minutes writing detailed notes on what I have learned from Sumanth today and ideas how to improve my code.

1.30 PM

Together with Ben and Leah we choose one person to be “the driver”, someone who will be typing (“driving”) while others tell what to type. Today I am the chosen one, which means I am not allowed to type anything unless instructed by others. This rule helps to prevent the typist to take over and type away alone without the team input. Our first solution did not work, so we started a quick discussion and changed “the driver” to Ben. Now it is Leah and I who are telling what to type. After some brainstorming and typing out a pseudo code we agree on a strategy how to solve this Kata. We finish off with pushing the code to GitHub.

MYOB Helena Franczak meeting with two proteges

2.30 PM

On the way back to my desk, I grab a fruit from a kitchen. This is the time to keep working on my code from the morning. I use my notes to see where I left off and what’s next to do. I decided to clean up my code because fixing the previous issue made me mess up some things in the structure. While refactoring I am thinking how to implement the next functionality.

4.15 PM

Going to the kitchen to meet the tea club folks. Today we are trying out a black tea from Malesia brought by one of the club members. I am a big tea fan, so is everyone else in this club. We meet three times a week to try out a unique tea introduced by one of us. While enjoying the cuppa we chat about our work, hobbies and jokes.

4.30 - 5.30 PM

Meeting with my second mentor. We start off with discussing what I did in the morning with Sumanth and what I did after that with the code. I asked all my questions. Tony, my second mentor, decides to draw out the system for me on a white board so that I understand better how everything is connected. I find it very helpful as I am a very visual person. Everything starts to be much clearer and I have an idea how to proceed.

MYOB Helena Franczak notes on white board

5.30 - 6.00 PM

I write my notes and a to-do list for tomorrow.

6.00 - 7.00 PM

I go for a walk around the city. I like to reset my mind this way. I wonder around Hyde Park, Botanical Gardens and make my way to catch a ferry back to Manly at 19:00.

7.30 PM

I arrive to Manly and head to a Comedy Night with my partner and his friends.

9.30 PM

I am back home, ready to take a shower, watch one episode of Money Heist and go to sleep by 11.00 pm.