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Elise Weavers

5.00 AM

My alarm goes off and I get up, make a coffee and wake up my puppy ‘Peach’. I play with her or take her for a walk before leaving home.

6.50 AM

I get to work, check my emails & to-do list for anything critical that needs to be responded to in the office before heading out on site. I am currently completing the Site Supervision competencies of the Grad Program. In this role, I coordinate the structure and support the Structure Supervisor and Site Manager.  I catch the Alimak (builder’s lift) to the top deck. We are pouring a slab today (Level 43 Pour 1) which is the south half of the building footprint.

construction site

7.30 AM

I meet the Engineer on the top deck who is here to check that the reinforcement and post-tensioning have been laid in accordance with the structural plans. He makes notes on his inspection report - some post-tensioning (PT) tendons’ height needs to be adjusted. I speak with the steel fixers to ensure this is fixed before the concrete pour starts.

8.30 AM

After this I go through the remainder of the “pre-pour checklist” to ensure everything is in order:

  • Formwork & back propping has been signed off - YES
  • Services penetrations are in - YES
  • Crane tie cast-ins are in - YES
  • Deck has been cleaned - YES
  • Reinforcement & PT completed as per structural drawings - YES (now the PT has been fixed up)

I take photos for our records and sign the approval to pour. I’ll stay up on the deck and watch the start of the pour until smoko.

9.30 AM

I head back down to the site office and meet a couple of the others to get a coffee at a nearby café.

elise at her computer desk

10.00 AM

Back at my desk I respond to emails and check that the precast panels to be installed tomorrow are on track for delivery.

11.00 AM

I am coordinating the structure for the final portion of the building. This includes coordinating the design & procurement of the new safety protection screens that will be installed from level 50. The engineer has just sent through their propping design for the new screens. I review these drawings, noting any queries I have and print them for a meeting this afternoon with my team.

lunch at the staff room

12.30 PM

Lunch is in the staff room with the rest of the team. We talk about how our different areas are going, what’s on for the weekend and what we should do for our next team function - barefoot bowls or Holey Moley?

1.00 PM

After lunch, I head back up to the top deck to see how the pour is going and how the pour 2 decks are progressing so I can organise for the engineer to come back for inspection. Things are going well so I walk down a few levels below to check how the formwork stripping is going and if there are any areas that need to be patched.

2.00 PM

On my way back down to the office, I stop by the structure contractor’s office with the screen propping design and ask a few questions I have before this afternoons meeting. This is really helpful as they are the contractor who will be manufacturing and installing the screens.

3.00 PM

Coordination meeting with my Project Manager, Assistant Project Manager, Site Manager and another Graduate who is coordinating the roof. We go through the agenda and I present the propping design for the screens to the team. We discuss the design and any alternatives or improvements we would like to look into.

4.00 PM

I walk away from the meeting with a lot to think about and list of things to start working on. I make a priority list and still have enough time to start actioning some items before the end of the day.

5.00 PM

Everyone’s back in the office and we normally have a bit of a chat/debrief while we finish things up for the day - the tim tams and chips are passed around.

5.45 PM

Leave the office to get to a 6.00 pm gym class.

elise going home from work

7.45 PM

Arrive home. Don’t worry, Peach is fine, my boyfriend gets home at 4.00 pm and she gets walked during the day. Thankfully prep my meal on the weekends so I don’t have to cook.

9.30 PM

Bed. Level 43 Pour 2 tomorrow……