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Jordan Barham-Shepherd

I would describe my Monadelphous experience as inclusive, welcoming and challenging.
What does your role involve? 

I support other HSE professionals, both internally within Monadelphous and externally with our clients on and off-site. I assist in implementing changes, creating HSE documents, helping projects with HSE requirements and creating and maintaining the chemical database ‘Chemalert’; and our web-based chemical information database outlining chemicals found on our various projects.

When I am on-site, I conduct daily AOD tests, help facilitate inductions for new starters to site and support my HSE colleagues and supervisors. When I am office-based, I support the HSE Engineering & Construction divisional team, along with reviewing and updating work practices, assisting project teams in meeting regulatory requirements for hazardous chemical management onsite, reviewing HSE awareness programs and ensuring they are in line with current requirements.

What are some of the highlights or interests of your career? 

I really enjoy working in the Pilbara as I love being close to where I grew up. Going to site and gaining “boots on the ground experience” has been another highlight for me. Being out in the field has given me an insight that I wouldn't have received elsewhere; seeing projects develop and delivered to completion is very satisfying and rewarding. I've learned a lot and received meaningful training from my fellow staff and crew since I first started the graduate program.

What’s the coolest thing about your job?

One of my favourite parts of my job is going on-site! I am currently working alongside the South Flank project and being a Pilbara boy, it feels good being back in the area where I grew up. I have seen how construction works over the last few months, and most of the things I learn come through firsthand interactions with the crew across the business. Being out in the field, seeing the project progress from day one is very satisfying and fulfilling.

The social aspect of Monadelphous is another great part of my job! Recently, I played in Mono’s Footy Cup. While we didn’t win, and the team broke down (myself included) it was great to be a part of this! 

Do you have any advice for other students? 

Not having the best marks at university should not deter you from applying! I didn’t have the best grades, but I worked hard to showcase what I had to offer during my interviews. If you are passionate, genuine and hardworking, you can secure your spot too. Everyone at Monadelphous is very welcoming, inclusive and will always be happy to help you.