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Training & Personal Development at Monadelphous Australia

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Please describe the training programmes at your company and tell us what skills you've picked up.
Graduates have a passport with ~70 skills they want you to learn, which is helpful to guide what areas you need to work on. They've provided confined space and working at heights training, safety leadership training, and are very generous with AIM training courses on anything from accounting to project management to communicating. I've also got a Diploma in Environmental Management supplied through my previous project.
Graduate, Mudgee
My company utilises AIM which is mostly 1-3 day courses and is free for everyone that would like to enrol and learn. In terms of skills, I just pick up skills through experience of the role.
Graduate, Brisbane but currently based in Gladstone
All training is experience based / conversations with people
Graduate, Perth
I am yet to have to request any formal training as on each occasion it has been my manager requesting it to keep my knowledge-base expanding and further equip me. I have undertaken training in advanced Excel, Carbon Tax Credits and am working through my Chartered Accountancy qual.
Graduate, Perth
I undertook a first aid course, confined space, working at heights safely, gas testing, basic fire emergency
Graduate, Perth
when I first started a lot of online training was happening I picked up continuous improvement training and also how to use company Idea Hub for the continuous improvement
Graduate, Perth
In-house training and external providers. I've learnt software development in my time despite never having done it prior to working here.
Graduate, Perth
I have been offered several training programs in the field of leadership. I have also been supported when asked to complete in field high risk work training and office based computer software training.
Graduate, Perth
I have been through a safety leadership for frontline supervisors course, have approval to complete my confined space and working at heights, and numerous digital training modules that the company themselves put out.
Graduate, Kalgoorlie
During my time I have attended several AIM courses which have proven valuable for my career progression.
Graduate, Gladstone
The Graduate Passport has a very substantial amount of content to get ticked off by Managers in the respective fields (quality, safety, project controls etc). Graduates are the driving force to get their components ticked off with supporting evidence. However I have picked up a large range of skills in the process, and as such when I finish, I will be capable of leading smaller projects.
Graduate, Brisbane
Powerbase skills, SQL server management, PowerApps, Power Automate, Microsoft Office
Graduate, Brisbane
Training is available but has to be requested and pushed. Microsoft Project training is given to most grads
Graduate, Perth
I've had little training in relation to my role. But the other courses I've been to have been very interesting & have broadened my experience
Graduate, Perth
Aim courses available plus software courses offered if needed.
Graduate, Brisbane
I have picked up skills and knowledge around welding and rigging. I would be more satisfied with some more engineering based programmes (This may be partly my fault for not requesting these)
Graduate, Perth