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Job Satisfaction at Monadelphous Australia

7.8 rating for Job Satisfaction, based on 40 reviews
Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
Working on a wide array of paperwork and engineering issues in the field. I really enjoy the day-to-day work range.
Graduate, Sunshine Coast
Safety, quality, cost, environment & people all fall into my role as an engineer. On some days I may be required to supervise on site, on others I am in the office or in meetings all day. Monadelphous has a lot of expectations for projects, regardless of the size so it takes up most of my time trying to enforce those standards. No day is the same and I learn a lot.
Graduate, Mudgee
At the moment I am new with my team. Before that I was with the Quality Team in Brisbane. I was responsible for the material registers. I also do some doc control for the Quality Management Plans. I did some evaluation of subcontractors and helped out with NCRs and Audits. In my current team I am currently helping the Admins to do labour hours and I'll soon go to site.
Graduate, Brisbane but currently based in Gladstone
Project Engineering - Responding to technical queries, procurement, reporting, QA/QC
Graduate, Perth
Procurement. Subcontractor Management. Onsite Engineering Support.
Graduate, Perth
In my current role, I have helped with drawing up invoices and cost reallocations
Graduate, Perth
As the graduate engineer my day to day responsibilities are to ensure the weekly report gets submitted on a weekly basis and that the monthly report is provided for the team meeting. I follow up with continuous improvement ideas and improve KPI and also help with fabrication MDR close out
Graduate, Perth
Roles and responsibility are appropriate to my level of experience whilst still challenging
Graduate, Perth - Fifo
The role is demanding (not in a bad way), with Day to day responsibilities ranging from material purchasing to completing progress claims.
Graduate, Perth
Wide range of tasks, healthy level of challenges and stress, opportunities to develop as a leader
Graduate, Perth
My role has been instilled with a great deal of responsibility but can always gethelp if needed.
Graduate, Kalgoorlie
I am currently working as a project engineer. I complete small construction projects starting at pricing, through execution and close out.
Graduate, Gladstone
Good and balanced between busy and relaxed
Graduate, Brisbane
Adaptive, Evolving and intuitive work. No day is the same task if doing it correctly.
Graduate, Perth
Responsible for everything from estimate compilation, procurement, project execution, documentation and close out as well as invoicing and commercials. Projects range from $10k to $500k
Graduate, Perth
Speaking with suppliers to get prices on materials to complete RFA's and raise a PO to the successful bidder. Also assisting Procurement with Dossiers.
Graduate, Perth
From a technical standpoint it is more or less the same thing every day. However, the issues & circumstances to navigate & work through are always changing.
Graduate, Perth
For someone who has worked for the company for only one year, I have been given a large amount of responsibility and respect from my managers.
Graduate, Perth
More responsibility than I expected. Roles have challenged me and frustrated me at times. However this enabled rapid growth and learning. I wouldn't change it if I had the chance
Midlevel, Christchurch