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Monadelphous Australia

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Career Prospects at Monadelphous Australia

7.6 rating for Career Prospects, based on 36 reviews
Please tell us about promotion possibilities and fill us in on what it takes to move up the ranks.
Reasonably good opportunities to advance my career
Graduate, Brisbane
I am still quite new so promotion possibilities will probably come at the end of my program.
Graduate, Brisbane but currently based in Gladstone
Clear career progression plan available
Graduate, Perth
Monos has a preference for those who are presently or who have previously worked successfully with/for Monos. Strong technical, communication and prioritising skill sets are key.
Graduate, Perth
Excellent opportunities to perform in roles above current level to gain experience
Graduate, Perth - Fifo
It takes experience, trust and knowledge
Graduate, Perth
Continuing to perform current role to a high standard and develop experience
Graduate, Perth
The first step is to complete the graduate program, then the next step would be to become a senior project engineer, after that the next progression is to project manager. Beyond those roles I am not yet sure how they deliver promotions to higher managerial positions but I believe it would be based on experience and your fit for the role.
Graduate, Kalgoorlie
I constantly talk to my current manager about "what's next" and progression and I'm happy with the opportunities available.
Graduate, Gladstone
We get rotated through divisions in the grad program. This enables us to build large networks in our company and will ultimately lead to progression opportunities.
Graduate, Perth
After grad program quick career progression
Graduate, Perth
Promotion is possible but can depend on where you spend your grad program as certain locations offer less opportunity
Graduate, Perth
Need to get on site first so rapidly increase my learning to then discuss progression.
Graduate, Perth
Promotion possibilities come quite quickly if you do well.
Graduate, Brisbane