Updating Results

Scarlett Li

6.00 AM

My alarm goes off and I get up out of bed. I start my morning routine washing my face, brushing my teeth and make my way to the office.

6.40 AM 

I grab a cab outside my apartment which is only one subway stop away from the office. It’s usually a 10-minute cab ride and I use this time to read through my emails and check overnight news and trades from portfolio managers based in our London office.

6.50 AM 

I’m usually the first in the office and I turn on lights and my computer, making sure all the trading applications and sheets up and running. I get a glass of water and call my London PMs. We will discuss what to do in today’s Asia markets and they will leave their overnight trades with me. 

7.00 AM

Australia market opens, I start executing some orders. As a trader, I also write a quick summary of what happened overnight in the US markets and highlight the important events and big ADR moves in the Asian market. I send this to all Asia proprietary traders and PMs. During this time, I am usually on call with a couple of brokers discussing potential trading ideas and news for the local markets.

7.40 AM

Now is morning desk meeting time – I start the meeting by going over overnight markets news and interesting areas for today. Other PMs go over their individual sector/strategy news and trading ideas. 

8.00 AM

Take one final glance over the stock news to make sure I haven’t missed anything just before the Korean and Japan markets open. This is generally the busiest time of the day as the markets are categorized by high volatility and liquidity. I discuss with different PMs on potential trades and I watch the markets like an eagle trying to capture liquidity and lock in good execution prices. 

9.00 AM

Taiwan and Singapore markets open. I send technical indicators sheets for our positions to my PMs so they can get an idea of their technical positioning on different stocks.  

9.30 AM

HK market opens. Positive US-China trade headlines hit the tape and markets start to rally. I execute some futures to hedge our delta to ensure our risk is analyzed, accounted and hedged for.

10.00 AM

Things start calming down around this time and my stomach starts to make sounds. I grab some nuts from the kitchen and make myself a Jasmin tea. 

12.00 PM

HK market shuts for lunch break and our office lunch has arrived! I eat my lunch on my desk as a lot of other markets still remain open during this time and I will read gaming news as this sector is most exciting and interesting to me.  

1.00 PM

Markets start to close beginning with the Australian market. During closing auctions, there will be higher liquidity and volatility and hence more opportunities. I will assess my algo strategies and make sure all orders are completed error-free. 

3.00 PM

Most of the markets are closed except for the HK and ASEAN market. For emerging markets, currency is a big risk and as an equities trading house, we will hedge our foreign exchange risk. I calculate the currency exposure for different books and trade FX to hedge.  

5.00 PM

US pre-market opens, I discuss with my TMT PM on potential trades to do and I put the trades in the trading algo and ask my London fellow traders to help watch it if they get filled.

6.00 PM

I send out all the wraps for today and head out to my dinner with my friends. We check out the newest Italian restaurant around the corner and grab dinner before heading back for the day for my beauty sleep!