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Kraft Heinz Company Australia

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Sara Long

6.00 AM

I wake up and quickly jump out of bed, I’ve never been a morning person, so I try to get as much sleep in before the gym. I throw my clothes on and jump in the car to make the 6.20 am F45 class. After my class, I head home to shower and get ready for work. 

7.45 AM

I leave my house and begin the 10-minute brisk walk to the station. I get on the 7.59 am train which arrives at Flinders St station at 8.25 am. I then begin the short 5-minute walk to the office arriving at about 8.30 am and say hello to my team. I put my lunch in the fridge, start up my computer and look through my emails. 

Kraft Heinz Graduate- Young professional walking through the door.

9.00 AM
I always start the day by replying to my emails and looking through what tasks I need to get done today. I keep a list of things I need to do on my computer and I’m constantly adding to it as things pop up. I find nothing more satisfying than ticking items off that list! After I’ve responded to my emails I start working on the biggest priority item on my list. Today that is finishing my presentation for my meeting at 11.30 am. 

10.00 AM

At 10.00 am each Thursday, I have a Foodservice work in progress skype call with R&D in New Zealand. On this call, we discuss where we are at with current projects and create an action plan for the week. On this call, I find out that one of our projects has progressed to the next stage that involves me preparing an artwork design. I add this to my to-do list! After the meeting, I write an artwork brief to send to our design agency for that project and monitor my emails. 

Kraft Heinz Graduate- Young professional video calling on her laptop.


11.30 AM

I now have a meeting with the Foodservice sales team about a project I’ve been working on. I have samples for them to take to their customers and a presentation about an innovation we have been working on. After that meeting, it’s lunch time! I warm up my lunch and sit down with the other graduates who I am good friends with. We have lunch together every day and it’s a great way to catch up and switch off for a bit.

Kraft Heinz Graduate- Young marketing professional showing her products to a colleague.

12.45 PM

After lunch, I head back to my desk and reply to any emails I have. I then get stuck into that to do list! One of my current projects is creating a product catalogue for Foodservice and am currently reviewing the draft and requesting any changes I need to be done. After that, I put together the images to go into the catalogue and request some renders for products we are missing.

3.00 PM

I have a meeting now with members of my team to go through invoicing and purchase orders. After that I reply to a few emails before going to a new product tasting at 4.00 pm. We taste the delicious products and give our feedback.

Kraft Heinz Graduate- Company employees conducting a meeting.

5.00 PM

Usually, I head home around 5.30 pm but today I am going to a burger restaurant launch with the Foodservice team. The restaurant is one of our clients and we wanted to show our support. Plus, you can’t say no to free food. 

Kraft Heinz Graduate- Young professional working on her desk.

8.00 PM

I arrive home and get my lunch ready for tomorrow. I then watch MAFS on the couch with my family (don’t judge, everyone in the office watches it!!!). Then at 9.30 pm, I get ready for bed and I’m asleep by 10.00 pm.