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Annie Wright

6.30 AM

I think I’ve trialed every single alarm tone on the iPhone, searching for an alarm that will wake me up peacefully and in a state of pure bliss like they do in the movies. I don’t think that’ll ever happen. After a rude awakening from my phone, I swing into the normal morning routine. Shower, brekkie and asking Siri today’s forecast as I stare into my wardrobe trying to be creative with a new outfit. I end up resorting back to the classic black pants and shirt combo. I need to go shopping.

Kraft Heinz Graduate- Young executive walking through the door.

8.45 AM

Morning ritual usually consists of checking emails, chatting to colleagues to discuss last night’s Survivor episode and making a cup of tea in the kitchen. I like to make a to-do list for the day and cross-check this with my on-going task list. First thing on the list is to actually make the list because I get so much satisfaction crossing tasks off! Once I organise what my priorities are for the day I get stuck into it.

9.00 AM

Part of the 2020 Grad Program is to have a project per rotation. I always prefer to get started on projects early and have a clear idea of the timeline and milestones before I start. My project in Supply Chain is looking into our pallet sizes of all our stock and how this can improve truck efficiency. This morning I am reviewing an excel spreadsheet I have been working on, double checking that all the details are correct and deciding what the next course of action is.

10.00 AM
Members of the Supply Chain team have a daily meeting to discuss and review our performance, flag any issues and create an action plan. From what I’ve learnt in my time at Kraft Heinz is that if there is an issue, circulate this amongst your team and seek advice and input from others rather than try and battle it yourself.

11.30 AM
I log into skype to have a meeting with a colleague who works remotely. Our new office has heaps of little pods and flexi desks to have impromptu meetings or take a skype meeting. The meeting is brief as we discuss some recent data that I have requested for my project. Another hot tip I’ve learnt is that sometimes a 5min phone call can save a very long email thread! 

Kraft Heinz Graduate- Young executive having a virtual meeting with a colleague.

12.00 PM

Thursday lunch times we have a company-wide running club.  It’s a great way to get out of the office, get some fresh air, as well as fit in some exercise.  Not sure how committed I’ll be once winter hits…

Kraft Heinz Graduate- Group of people running.

1.30 PM
After lunch, I have a meeting with my manager. It’s always good to keep the lines of communication between yourself and your manager open. Regular check-ins are great to discuss your progress and seek feedback.  

3.30 PM

Every month the team gets together to celebrate the month’s birthdays with cake and other treats. I always love watching people squirm as you sing happy birthday to them, except when you remember that you’re next month and will be equally as awkward.  

4.00 PM

I quickly learnt as Kraft Heinz that everyone is extremely proficient at excel and my Monash business statistics unit will not suffice. So I have taken it upon myself to undertake extra online excel training courses to get up to speed.

5.00 PM

It’s at this stage that I do a final check of my emails, wrap up any work that I have been working on and take a look at tomorrow’s calendar.  I always prefer to start a day knowing what’s ahead rather than turning up the next morning without a clue.  Plus this way you have time to think of any questions or points you want to raise in the upcoming meetings.

5.30 PM

At 5:30pm I shut off my laptop, say goodbye to my team and head to Flinders Street station.  I always find that the busier and more varied my day is the faster it goes.  Luckily no day is ever the same at Kraft Heinz as there is always something happening.

6.30 PM

When I get home, I chill for a bit, shower and hop into my PJs (it’s never too early!). I start prepping dinner and facetime an overseas friend to catch up. I quickly shotgun leftovers to take to work the next day and start preparing my Tupperware...if I can ever find the right sized lid.

8.00 PM

After dinner, I chill and watch the news, shortly (okay, very shortly) followed by some more reality TV. I always question whether I could make it as a contestant on Australian Survivor. Then I see how little food they get and decide it’s best I stay in an office job.

10.00 PM

Now that I am working full-time my bed time has become more consistent and much earlier. Time to get some beauty sleep and refresh for another big day tomorrow at Kraft Heinz.