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Kapil Raniga

Being a graduate in 2020 has been challenging, but my team has been there every step of the way to support my learning and growth.

My background

I am an Adviser in the Enterprise Tax team at KPMG Brisbane. I graduated with a Bachelor of Business in 2019, with a major in Accountancy and a dual minor in Professional Accounting as well as Tax and Regulation from the Queensland University of Technology. My KPMG story commenced when I was young, with my mum working at KPMG. I can recall times I would spend the day in the office ‘helping’ with her work. As I grew to know more about the work she was involved in, my interest in the professional services sector increased accordingly. During my time at university, I was part of the Accountancy Students Association and would often attend networking events. These events provided me with the opportunity to meet current employees and hear first-hand about KPMG, gaining an insight into the firm’s culture. This inspired me to apply for the graduate program in the Tax, Transactions and Accounting (TTA) team in my final year of study. As I progressed through my course, I gained a strong interest in taxation law and knew this passion aligned well with the Enterprise Tax team.

Outside of work, I am a photographer. Every chance I get, I like to venture out and work on my photography portfolio.

Recruitment process

The recruitment process was both an exciting and user-friendly experience. The first stage was an online application followed by online psychometric testing in the form of games, which tested the aptitude and personality characteristics of the candidate. The second stage was an online video interview where I was asked about my interest in KPMG and my reason for choosing the Enterprise Tax team. It is important to prepare for this step by knowing about the team you are interested in joining and the services KPMG offers. The final stage included attending the Launchpad at the Brisbane office. This is an interactive assessment day where you get the opportunity to network and hear from KPMG representatives and recent graduates. After networking, the potential candidates were split into groups to actively participate in a case study, followed by an interview with a partner and director from the respective team each candidate was interested in. During the interview, I was asked about my time at university, work experience and life outside of the university.

My work

I work as an Adviser in the Tax, Transactions and Accounting (TTA) team within the Enterprise division. My team works with private and family businesses, mid-size listed companies and fast-growing companies. We provide a diverse range of services from tax compliance and structuring advice to estate and business planning for emerging companies.

A typical day for me begins with planning and developing a list of tasks I need to work on for the day, prioritising work based on urgency or deadlines. This is imperative as I am usually involved in several engagements simultaneously, with each engagement in a different stage of completion. I make a start on my list and tick off each task as the day progresses, as well as attending meetings and training sessions and responding to client queries. Each day is different and unique, presenting new challenges and allowing for something new to be learnt.

KPMG offers the opportunity for continuous professional development, such as when it supported me through my Chartered Accountancy studies. Alongside this, our tax team have monthly training called ‘Tax Banter’ which allows the team to keep up to date with the relevant taxation laws and regulations.

The best part about my team at KPMG is the ongoing support and focus on learning. If I ever need help, I can ask anyone in the team regardless of their position.

Being a graduate in 2020 has been challenging, but my team has been there every step of the way to support my learning and growth. Four weeks after commencing my graduate role, we moved from the office to working from home full time, an arrangement that continued for the subsequent six months. During this time, our focus was on keeping in contact with each other via virtual meetings and social events. Upon the easing of restrictions, our team commenced transitioning back into the office and the firm ensured this was a safe and smooth process. Flexible working conditions continue to be a viable option, however, dedicated ‘Team Days’ enable the team to reconnect, and foster a strong and supportive team culture.

A word to the wise

What are three pieces of advice you would give to a current university student?

  1. Reach out on LinkedIn to industry professionals who are working in roles that interest you. This will allow you to find out more about the company, the team and the role.
  2. Network. Attend as many networking events and build your professional network while you are still at university. Networking events are a great opportunity to meet industry professionals and like-minded students.
  3. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and put your hand up for new opportunities and experiences. In doing so, you will not only grow as an individual but also further develop your skill set along the way.