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Pruthvi Mallesh

6:30 AM

I start my day by drinking a glass of water and while I do that, I set an intention for the day and visualize myself meeting this intention. I then do some quick stretching, make my bed, shower and get ready to go to work.

7:30 AM

My favorite part of the morning is having a strong coffee (flat white is my go-to) and a healthy breakfast.

Day in the life Pru Mallesh Johnstaff New Zealand

8:30 AM

I arrive at work and my first task for the day is to look at my calendar and prepare a quick to-do -list prioritizing imminent tasks for the day.  I work better if I write down the tasks in my notebook as I am a bit old school.

Day in the life Pru Mallesh Johnstaff New Zealand

9:00 AM

I have minutes to draft up from yesterday’s consultant team meeting, recut a programme and chase up the consultant team on Building Consent RFI responses. As I work through the list, I take the completed tasks off the list.

12:00 PM

I normally bring lunch from home but today I am going to Commercial Bay with my colleague to have my favorite Vietnamese Pho.

12:30 PM

I do not prefer checking emails first thing in the morning as it distracts me from completing other tasks so I take this time to check and respond to any emails.

1:30 PM

I have a Site Progress Meeting for Satori at 2 PM so I leave for the meeting. Post meeting, I do a quick walk around the construction site and enjoy the beautiful view of Orakei Basin.

Day in the life Pru Mallesh Johnstaff New Zealand

3:30 PM

The meeting went well and I am back in the office. I focus on the remainder of tasks for the day starting with reviewing the tender response from the Contractor on Hospice Project. I also take some time to prepare for tomorrow’s User Group Meeting.

Day in the life Pru Mallesh Johnstaff New Zealand

4:30 PM

We recently won a new Demolition Project that I need to prepare the final PMP (Project Management plan) draft for the director’s review.

5:00 PM

I am studying New Zealand Diploma in Construction part time at Unitec so I pack up my desk and head to college to attend “Professional Practice for Construction” class that is scheduled for today.

6:30 PM

After I finish my classes, I head home, freshen up and go to the gym to exert the last of my energy for the day.

8:00 PM

Time to cook some healthy dinner and settle in on the couch for the much-needed Netflix and Chill time.

Day in the life Pru Mallesh Johnstaff New Zealand