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Priscilla Wu

Coming out of Oxford University with an MEng, I wasn’t too sure what I wanted. Then Jardines came onto my radar, ticking a number of boxes for me, including some I didn’t know existed! I was pretty sure some sort of career in general management was going to fit with me, with Jardines having a great track record of growing business leaders. So I  went through their one day selection and was fortunate enough to be accepted. I haven’t looked back since.

My career has taken me to all sorts of places, including Dairy Farm in Singapore, Jardine Aviation Services as a duty manager with over 300 people reporting to me at one stage. It was there I finished my CIMA qualification. After a short period with Jardine Rothschild, I was appointed as  Executive Assistant to the Jardine Group’s Managing Director. In 2011, I had my first Profit & Loss experience in Macau, running Zung Fu Motors. This was a demanding but very exciting role, covering all aspects of running as small business. 3 years later I was posted to Beijing as General Manager, Business Development for Zung Fu.

My passion is selling, and managing people, which have led me into my current role as Head of the Guardian Health and Beauty business in Cambodia, with the likelihood of shortly moving to a larger role elsewhere. It has been a fantastic career to date. Apart from the diversity of experience gained and friends I’ve made, Jardines has put enormous effort into my development, with much more to come.