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Ixom New Zealand

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Amr Mohssen

6.15 AM

I wake up and get to the gym. I then bike to work as it’s usually sunny in Tauranga, and it is a great way to get the brain warmed up before work.

8.00 AM

I catch up with contractors who are working on my projects for the day and make sure all the paperwork is sorted and that we have goals for the day. There can be multiple groups of contractors on-site at any one time, so this can take some time.

8.30 AM

I head to our regular morning meeting where I update the other departments on work I have going on-site and address any questions. It is also a time for me to get an update on other projects happening on site.

9.00 AM

I make myself a coffee and head to my desk where I catch up on emails. These usually consist of contractors, suppliers and staff asking for information on my projects. I then set some goals to achieve for the day and make a plan.

10.00 AM

It’s Friday and we have our weekly engineering catch up over some coffees and slice brought from a café across the road. We go around in a circle and discuss what we have all been working on during the week.

11.00 AM

I am working on a new project that needs a project definition and estimate. I will use a template for the definition to ensure I cover all potential requirements of the project. I will then begin determining an estimate for the project over the coming weeks.

12.00 PM

I have some lunch in the common room and chat to colleagues from other departments. I usually bring meals that I have prepared earlier in the week.

1.00 PM

I have recently completed a project allowing 4 extra products to be produced in one of our tanks on site. A bunch of new equipment (actuated valves, various transmitters, gas detectors and a heat exchanger) has been added to the plant and pipe-routes which I need to commission. I have the lead process engineer, electricians and automation techs with me to assist and help solve any issues I may face. I am just doing water trials before going onto chemical commissioning to make sure all installed equipment is working correctly.

3.30 PM

I head out to site and catch up with contractors and see what progress has been made on my projects and discuss any issues that have been faced. 

4.00 PM

I go through and update all my drawings, so they replicate the “as-built” version. These consist mainly of instrumentation drawings and P&ID’s.

5.00 PM

Head out and play some social volley-ball with the team from work. The beach is only a 5-minute drive down the road and we tend to do fairly well in the competition. The picture below is taken after our monthly operator’s vs engineers challenge.

IXOM graduates playing volleyball