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Corporate Social Responsibility at IMC

9 rating for Corporate Social Responsibility, based on 9 reviews
What projects/initiatives does your employer run and what have you worked on personally?
Strong focus on charity with both Global and Local commitments and programs run within the company and through external charities that we support.
Graduate, Sydney
We're huge into charity and giving back to communities. There's a lot of opportunities to get involved in company charity events.
Graduate, Sydney
Several charities sponsored donating to food drives, reading initiatives, etc. Hosts in house events teaching school students what we do and letting them try it out in simulations. Teaching coding and robotics to students and teachers
Graduate, Sydney
This is generally well handled. There are plenty of projects that the company runs, such as robotics days, mock trading days, programming tutorials, and the like, to help people without those backgrounds get more familiar. In terms of charity, there is a Room to Read project, where we donate 1 day's revenues to this educational charity, and several employees visit a developing country once a year to see the impacts.
Graduate, Amsterdam
Donate a lot of money every year. Employee donation matching up to 10k a year.
Graduate, Sydney
IMC's got a heap of charity initiatives, and personally I've been part of days where they organise teams to go to various charities and help out at the charity. If employees find a cause that they want to support, the company's really good at throwing more support behind it.
Graduate, Sydney