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IAG Australia

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Dean Audicho

IAG places a heavy emphasis on facilitating a healthy work-life balance for its people. They do so by supporting flexible working arrangements for those with different professional or personal commitments.

Can you describe a day in the life of your rotation?

My day usually consists of a number of meetings with different business stakeholders where I either provide updates, negotiate requests, or ask questions in order to clarify the requirements for a particular piece of work. Then using an online documentation tool called Confluence, and a workflow management tool called Jira, I would record these requirements in a clear and concise way and assign work tickets to the developers for them to begin delivering the expected technical solutions. One of the major projects that I have worked on during the graduate program is called Serenity. This project aims to streamline IAG’s digital infrastructure in order to optimise our customer’s digital experience. As this is an organisation-wide project that delivers change across multiple platforms and teams, I have learnt how to use a number of new collaboration tools such as Miro and Microsoft Whiteboard, whilst also refining my design skills through a program called Figma.

Outside of my normal role, I am a member of the Hackathon Working Group which is responsible for setting up and facilitating a two-day event that encourages people from across the business to get together and work on their own innovative and creative ideas that will add value to the organisation. This opportunity has allowed me to further develop my communication and prioritisation skills as members of this group span across Australia, Singapore, and New Zealand, yet we all efficiently work to achieve the same goal.

What is the culture like at IAG?

My time at IAG so far has been full of learning and professional development. The teams that I have worked in and the people that I have met along the way are all very skilled individuals who are passionate about what they do. IAG fosters a very supportive and open culture which means that everyone is treated equally and with respect. Regardless of a person’s role or hierarchical status, I have found that IAG’s people are always willing to lend a helping hand when needed.

How did IAG respond to COVID-19 and how were you supported by your teams while working from home?

I think IAG’s response to the pandemic was both effective and swift. The organisation encouraged people to work from home if it was safe to do so and made arrangements for those who couldn’t. Throughout the pandemic, IAG contributed a monthly assistance payment to each employee to offset the increased use of utilities and internet at home. IAG also focussed heavily on keeping their people connected while working from home which is why a number collaboration and communication tools were either introduced or enhanced to facilitate the remote working situation.

Are the working conditions flexible at IAG? 

IAG places a heavy emphasis on facilitating a healthy work-life balance for its people. They do so by supporting flexible working arrangements for those with different professional or personal commitments. Although the traditional 9-5 working schedule is not enforced, there is an expectation that a person gets their work done to the best of their ability in a timely manner.

What has been your most memorable experience on the Grad Program so far?

During one of the graduate orientation days, my fellow graduates and I were each given a Violin and we’re taught how to play a song as a group. Although we started off out of sync, as we continued to practice together, we eventually played the song well and without any help from the facilitators. This experience will stay with me as I continue on my journey through IAG as I believe this is where we forged the most valuable connections with each other as colleagues and friends.

If you could give 1 piece of advice to a student applying for the Grad Program, what would it be?

Don’t let your degree define or limit your professional journey. Be brave and step outside of your comfort zone by taking on a task or applying for a role that might be new to you. Although this seems intimidating, you will be both surprised and proud of how much you learn and grow during this experience within IAG.

At IAG our purpose is making your world a safer place, how do you feel you have contributed to this as part of the Graduate Program?

From day one, graduates are treated as equals within a team. This means that you are included in on the work being completed by your team in a meaningful and significant way. As long as you are doing your job to the best of your ability, your actions will both directly and indirectly make the world a safer place for our customers, communities, and stakeholders.

Describe in 3 words your experience so far:

Learning, growing, and interesting.