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Hall & Wilcox

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Sustainability at Hall & Wilcox

7.5 rating for Sustainability, based on 12 reviews
Please comment on your company's efforts in this area.
We're hoping to work towards being carbon neutral. Although I'm not sure how this is being achieved. Little things like reducing the number of bins available so that plastic bin bags aren't always being thrown out, bins for soft plastics, recycling and regular waste etc.
Graduate, Newcastle
Yes, some with recycling and moving to electronic based files.
Midlevel, Melbourne
Different bins for waste, recycling etc and sensor lights in bathroom.
Graduate, Melbourne
I am glad to see the expectation of reduction of waste paper and nomenclature around landfill bins and compost - but can we find a non-plastic bag to put it all in? try maze bags!
Paper light office.
Graduate, Perth