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Deviya Kuruparan

7.15 AM

I usually start my day around 7:15 am, where I like to take my time getting out of bed. This is because once I’m finally up, I’m moving around the house quickly as I set myself the challenge of getting out on the roads within 20 minutes, so that I can avoid any school traffic in my area. 

8.30 AM

After securing the closest parking spot, I make my way into the office to get the day started. Luckily, everything is how I left it the day before so all I need to do is turn on my laptop and we are ready to go.


9.30 AM

My team, consisting of a cross-functional blend of HR, Learning & Development and Communications meets next to our tiered accountability board. This tracks our progress against key objectives and gives us visibility on what the team is working on and how we can work together to provide assistance.


12.30 PM

I usually have lunch around 12:30 pm although sometimes I get too hungry to wait! I take my lunch to the benches outside and have lunch with some of the IBL’s. On Friday’s we like to go offsite to one of the nearby cafes or take our lunch to the park.


2.30 PM

Today at 2:30 pm, we had a special afternoon tea celebrate International Women’s Day where we got to hear from a guest speaker, as well as some inspirational Women at GSK! This is something that I had the pleasure of helping to coordinate so it was great to see it run so smoothly.


3.00 PM

My manager and I have a WIP (work in progress) meeting to make sure were across everything that needs to be achieved for the week, whether that’s an office wide Town Hall, an engagement event or internal communication channels.

4.30 PM

I call it a day and being to pack up, hoping to beat some of the traffic. 

5.30 PM

Once I arrive home, I give myself some down time before trying to motivate myself to go the gym. After that I’ll have some dinner with my family and unwind. 

9.00 PM

At this point, I’ll most likely end up watching trashy reality TV or Netflix and falling asleep around 11pm, eagerly waiting for a new day.