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Al Bautista

7.20 AM

After the alarm goes off and a few snoozes, I have finally decided to get out of my bed, head straight to shower and then get ready for another day at work!

Grant Thornton Graduate Al Bautista having breakfast


I have arrived at the office located in Perth CBD and it’s time to have my breakfast in the kitchen (as I normally do not have time to have breakfast at home). The kitchen is full of fresh fruits, coffee, milk and other breakfast items so it is nice to have something in the office to help fuel up my day!

Grant Thornton Graduate Al Bautista hot-desking

8.45 AM

We do hot-desking in the office so I normally try to find myself a desk with a nice and uplifting view by the river.

Grant Thornton Graduate Al Bautista logging in the computer

I then log-in to my computer, check my emails, check my calendar for meetings or events and plan my workflow and job schedule for the day as well as for the week.

Grant Thornton Graduate Al Bautista planning with teammates

9.00 AM

Normally around this time on a Monday, our team meet up to discuss workflow and job planning for the week.

Grant Thornton Graduate Al Bautista at his desk

9.30 AM

Returning to my desk from the meeting and officially start smashing out some work! I am working on a compliance client which requires preparation of financial statements and income tax returns for the client’s group. Then I list some queries on the job and book a time with the manager to catch up on this job so we can send out the queries to the client.

Grant Thornton Graduate Al Bautista snacking

10.30 AM

Break time! I normally go out for a bit of fresh air and get myself some nice coffee. Sometimes (if we are lucky), the kitchen is abundant with food with leftover snacks from meetings or a morning tea has been organised. There are also some biscuits, crackers and other snack staples in the kitchen! When I am in the mood, I make something to bring to the office for morning tea and a perfect example is the photo above which is Banoffee Pie that I made (for a mini-bake off competition that I organised for the office).

Grant Thornton Graduate Al Bautista more snacks

More food! These were made by one of the partners in my team.

12.30 PM

Time for lunch break! Normally, the team would gather around this time for lunch where we all sit together and have good laughs and conversations.

1.30 PM

I’m trying my best not to fall asleep on my desk because of food coma from lunch as this is the time to go back to work and smash out some jobs!

Grant Thornton Graduate Al Bautista meeting with colleagues

2.00 PM

I have got a meeting with my colleagues to catch-up on tax planning for another compliance client and also provide support to each other in order to be able to provide the best value to our clients.

Grant Thornton Graduate Al Bautista agile working

Our office promotes agile working so sometimes when I am required to do so, I have to bring my laptop and notes with me so I can sit together with my colleagues to work on a client together and then I go back to my desk when the work is done.

Grant Thornton Graduate Al Bautista having coffee break

3.00 PM

Coffee break time!

3.15 PM

The rest of the day is pretty much spent on clearing emails, take phone calls, compliance work as well as other meetings and catch-ups.

Grant Thornton Graduate Al Bautista leaving the office

4.50 PM

Time went by pretty fast! It’s now time finish off my timesheet so I can submit it and pack up before I leave the office.

5.30 PM

Time for a bit of unwinding from work and I do this by going to the gym. I sometimes go by myself for some weight training and sometimes I go to classes with my colleagues. It is pretty good to have people from work who encourages you to go to the gym and have fun together.

7.00 PM

Just arrived home from the gym, eat dinner and spend some time with my family.

8.00 PM

Time to relax so I go to my room to just lie on my bed and watch online videos or play games on my phone! Sometimes if I do not have the chance to go to the gym straight after work, I catch up with my work out routine by doing some cardio and mobility.

10.30 PM

I hit the shower quickly so I can get ready for bed. I just simply lie down on my bed scrolling through my phone for Facebook, YouTube or reading some articles until I fall asleep and get recharged for the next day.