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Will Ranken

6.45 AM

My alarm goes off and after a solid 15 minute of snoozing I spring into action to for what is to be another busy day. I collect my necessities, pack my bag and make my way to the train for the short commute to the GHD office.

8.00 AM

Arriving at the office, I take the time to sit down and enjoy my breakfast with a coffee provided in the newly renovated GHD Sydney break-out area. It’s a great opportunity to read the morning news and gather my thoughts in preparation for a day full of activity. 


8.30 AM

I make my way to find a desk near my fellow Advisory colleagues. Working in an agile office, I make the effort to sit next to different people each day which is a great way to make new connections and learn about my co-workers. I quickly go through my emails and make a plan of attack for the day ahead.


10.00 AM

I spend some time finalising a recent project where our team analysed the operational performance of a large public transport providing organisation. The project took place in Melbourne, however with GHD team members located in Brisbane, Perth, London and our partnering consultants based in Germany, it is important to meet regularly to ensure a clear understanding of project updates and deliverables. As a project analyst, I assisted in Melbourne interviewing executives from the organisation to identify possible performance issues, while also analysing financial and operational documents to back up and confirm the proposed problems. The final report with findings and recommendations is due to be submitted and I am incorporating changes which will be reviewed by my project leader. It’s a quick fix for the end of a very interesting and challenging project!

11.30 AM

It's time for our weekly team meeting. Being part of a virtual team, our weekly meeting is a great opportunity to catch up with co-workers, discuss new project opportunities and resourcing, and have a bit of a laugh. Colleagues from all over Australia and New Zealand dial in via video conference and It's great to hear about what new work is coming in, and recent successes of the team. It's important to know the workload of my fellow colleagues and to let them know if I have the capacity to assist. With Advisory projects taking place across Australia and New Zealand, there is always an opportunity for work travel.


12.30 PM

Arguably one of the best times of the day, over lunch I like to get outside and enjoy my food in the park with colleagues or try a nearby food outlet - the possibilities are endless! When I'm in the mood for more activity, the GHD running group host weekly runs through the surrounding parks and around the harbour. It’s the perfect opportunity to stretch the legs, get some fresh air and test the competitiveness of my colleagues (fair to say I need a bit more training).

1.30 PM

With a spare window of time between meetings and spending time with colleagues, I take the opportunity to undertake some research for a new project. It is part of an investigation of the viability of alternate energy industries and I am exploring the economic trends of various fuel sources in Australia and globally. As an economics graduate, it's great to be able to put my academic knowledge to use, particularly in such a unique field.


3.00 PM

After grabbing my afternoon coffee for a quick caffeine hit, it's time to join my 3:00 pm conference call. It's regarding the development of a business case for a large sports infrastructure development, and follows on from a recent workshop I attended in Canberra with the client. The workshop was an important step in the business case process and helped the client identify the risks associated with the setup, construction, and commissioning of the project. The project team is multi-disciplinary and our conference call includes technical leads from architecture, structural engineering, and town planning teams. My role is to take notes throughout the meeting and make a plan of action for the team. The daily opportunity at GHD to gain exposure to fields outside of my background is an interesting and rewarding experience - I didn’t expect to learn so much so quickly.


5.30 PM

It's finally time to start winding down for the end of the day. I send off my final emails and ensure all my tasks have been completed. By this point of the day, the office is winding down and my colleagues and I are discussing recent results of the office rugby union tipping comp. After realising my chances of winning are long gone, I strategize my tips for the week ahead, grab my bag and head out the door.


6.00 PM

Heading out of the office, it's great to have the opportunity to catch-up with friends over dinner, go to the gym, or participate in some friendly, social sport. Tonight I'm trying my luck at AFL 9's!

8.30 PM

Arriving home, it's time to relax, cook my dinner and catch-up with housemates. I make sure everything I need for the following day is organised and before I know it, I get to bed for a well needed sleep.