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Mark Kelly

Why did you choose the GE graduate program?

The GE graduate program offers exciting and challenging experiences, and there is always a strong focus to maximizing personal and professional development. I was drawn to GE by the high level of engagement and the expertise of its employees. The rotational aspect of the engineering program allows for a diverse set of experiences, and allows the graduates to engage with a broad spectrum of employees and customers.

Is the work you undertake during the program meaningful?

I have seen my work directly contribute GE’s customers. In my first rotation, I worked with a team in the servicing and refurbishment of critical O&G – with a key focus in turn-around times and high quality execution. In my second rotation, I worked with the commercial team to develop and deliver proposals for upcoming Subsea O&G projects. In my last rotation, I was directly involved in the design and delivery of a new GE product, where I was the key Mechanical Engineering contact with the customer.

What are the highlights of the program?

The program heavily focuses in the ongoing formal and informal development of its Graduates. I have attended both engineering training and leadership training programs in overseas locations, where I have had the great opportunity to engage with GE employees from around the world. A key highlight of these training programs is that it enables me to learn and leverage from GE employees located around the world. I have also been empowered to apply these skills in a real and defined manner in the workforce.

What is most challenging about the program?

As a GE graduate, you will learn rapidly by being thrown in the deep end. This makes the program challenging, but it is also the reason why it is such a success. I often found myself working directly alongside experienced individuals with great expertise, and I always found that I was treated as a direct college and not just a ‘graduate’.

What would you say to someone considering the program?

The program in exceptional in the training and experience it provides. It sets you up for a great future, no matter what that looks like for the individual. In the Graduate Program, it is up to the individual to drive their own development and make the most of every opportunity. You will have access to ongoing support, but no one will be holding your hand. Be engaged in your work and employees, and the Graduate Program will be excellent.