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Keppell Smith

Why did you choose the GE graduate program?

GE’s diversity, global footprint and investment in future leaders stood out to me. Working across multiple unique industry verticals around the world on any given day is very rewarding.

Knowing that GE wants you to succeed and will invest in your career by giving you the tools required to build you future and fully meet your potential is something I have not seen in many organizations. 

Is the work you undertake during the program meaningful?

It is critical. I have worked on and been directly responsible for 6 month+ projects which have contributed over $10mm to GE’s local revenue number. My rotations have enabled me to contribute to regional business strategy, sales revenue, product roll-outs & many more.

What are the highlights of the program?

There are many benefits to the program but my core takeaway would be the global network. Having recently graduate from my program, I travel abroad often, and there is rarely a city in the world that I do not have close friends that I met on the program. It is great having such a strong community of friends to connect with on a variety of issues ranging from accessing international business leaders all the way through to restaurant recommendations.

What is most challenging about the program?

The independence. GE gives you the tools to achieve success but allows you to build out the structure. You will have senior leaders for support when needed but you also need to be able to think strategically and make discussion on the fly which can be tough when the projects you work on can be so important.

What would you say to a someone considering the program?

100%. I have yet to come across a program which provides a greater platform for personal & professional growth. You need to be able to rapidly adapt as well as function well under pressure however if you have the desire to achieve, GE will give you the structure to excel.