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Katrina Vo

Why did you choose the GE graduate program?

The development opportunities are so vast at GE! As graduates, we receive so many opportunities to travel to other GE locations across the globe, work closely with CFOs, and attend trainings to improve our soft & technical skills.

Is the work you undertake during the program meaningful?

A major focus at GE is: “what is your impact?”. There is a strong emphasis on ensuring that all the work we do contributes to the ‘big picture’ of why we exist as an organization. In my role, I have been able to take on an advisory function by understanding how we can grow the business to improve sales and have implemented cost cutting initiatives to help sustain margins.

What are the highlights of the program?

The travel is a huge factor! This includes travelling internationally and within Australia for your work, global conferences held with other grads & trainings/seminars focused on leadership.

I would also say the rotations are a big positive. As a graduate I did not know what I wanted to do within finance, and the rotations give you a little taste what there is on offer!

What is most challenging about the program?

The work can sometimes be challenging – there have been times when I have been given vast responsibility and put in the deep end! But the team and other grads, are always there to help, so it’s really all part of the learning curve.

What would you say to someone considering the program?

Go for it. if you want a program that will challenge you and help you develop into a well-rounded leader, then you have found the right program!