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Catharine Payton

Why did you choose the GE graduate program?

At university, I wasn’t sure which area of accounting I wanted to enter. GE’s graduate program allowed me to rotate between different businesses and accounting functions. During my four rotations, I experience GE’s diverse portfolio (Power Services, Oil & Gas & Energy Connections), as well as different accounting functions (Controllership, Financial Planning and Analysis & Risk Finance). 

Is the work you undertake during the program meaningful?

During my first year, I was initially surprise by how much responsibility I was given. After my first rotation, the autonomy over my work grew and ranged between weekly business tasks, process improvement projects and being given a problem statement in which I needed to identify the solution.  

What are the highlights of the program?

The program gives you opportunities to meet graduates and employees from around the world.  My key highlight was completing a rotation in our Power Service HQ office in Atlanta, Georgia. I was given the opportunity to travel across America, meet senior leaders and understand how the business was run at a HQ level.

What is most challenging about the program?

The biggest challenge was moving overseas, adapting to a new culture and completing an ambiguous project. Looking back, I consider it to be my most rewarding rotation.    

What would you say to someone considering the program?

I would describe FMP as an accounting leadership program. The program emphasizes personal growth and leadership training. If you’re looking for a program which is flexible, includes travel and pushes you outside your comfort zone, this program is for you.