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Management at FNZ

7.9 rating for Management, based on 14 reviews
How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.
I've had three managers. The first was an alright manager - he knew a lot and talked to us a fair bit. However, due to his demeanor not being suited to managing interns, he was sometimes condescending. My second manager was my best by far. Supportive, easy to get along with and helped us out. My third manager holds a very senior role thus cannot provide their time in a manager role, but the transition to a new manager is still occurring.
Graduate, Wellington
The managers are very friendly but unfortunately due to my working situation I have not been able to be in contact with my manager for guidance as much as I would like.
Intern, Wellington
Immediate team leader and manager are very supportive.
Experienced, Wellington
So far so good
Graduate, Wellington
They do quite well with giving praise/recognition for outstanding work and work ethic. Generally though, the managers are too overloaded with work themselves that it's a bit difficult to get time from them.
Midlevel, Wellington
My line Manager and Head of Information Security sit a few desks away which makes it very easy and they are both very approachable. I have multiple people around me to learn from including these two.
Graduate, Wellington
Managers are all easy to approach but as someone starting out this is left almost completely up to the new employee when it might be helpful to have someone more actively train you in the first week or so
Intern, Wellington
There seems to be a gap between interns and managers
Intern, Wellington
I think they are quite approachable and friendly. They do get back to us pretty quickly. But I think we came in at a bad timing as a lot of our mentors are on leave.
Intern, Wellington
They are very well across what you are doing and are able to have discussions a lot of the time.
Midlevel, Auckland