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Flow Traders

  • 100 - 500 employees

Swarnajit Nath

I was studying in IIT Bombay when I heard about Flow Traders. I had always wanted to work in finance given my interest in financial global markets. It was always challenging to keep ahead of the curve and the other students at all times. Flow Traders came natural to me given my liking towards numbers, and my dream to be a part of one of the fastest growing companies in trading. Flow Traders promotes a very innovative culture, and being smaller than some of the other firms, makes the environment a lot better, promoting more collaboration, constant career improvement and a lot more freedom and space to grow

I’m pricing new products along with keeping up  with market situations to make money with the help of our latest technology enabled software tools and programs. During the day, a lot of my time goes in working and learning from other traders and departments. Taking opportunities immediately, constantly monitoring and anticipating any opportunity which might be coming your way due to expected events/announcements etc, keeps my adrenaline high. My aim is to constantly improve my strategies dynamically, to be the best guy on the market. We have 6 months of training in Amsterdam which was really enriching. I met one really experienced and one of the sharpest minds in this business. It included a 2/3 weeks of classroom teaching, followed by hands-on training with the internal software and technology. Post, the training I was well equipped with concepts and knowledge about what to look for in new opportunities in the market.

Flow is highly results driven company, which pushes me constantly for the need to improve myself and pricing strategies, to beat other market participants. One of the best things here is everybody works in a team towards a common goal, of course you have your individual responsibilities but really get to work with people who have been in the industry for years. Flow also gives me the independence to take on any market situation that I feel will be profitable, which gives me more confidence as a Trader. Since I’m a mechanical engineer by degree, learning some basic theories of finance was a challenge to start with but I was able come upto speed within a week because senior traders are generally very patient to make you understand the basics, everyone on the floor will help

We have a lot of fun as a company. Playing football every Tuesday, partying almost every weekend, company trips to exotic places, regular company outings to celebrate achievements, and unique hires like salad chefs to promote healthy living makes the office a fun and creative place.