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Flow Traders

  • 100 - 500 employees

Jeremie Dansereau-Lemieux

During my college years, I took part in an exchange program with the National University of Singapore, where I studied market finance for a semester.  This short glimpse into the potential of Asian markets was all I needed to come back to Asia, this time for good.  Fascinated by capital markets and an investor myself, I knew I needed the right people and infrastructure if I wanted to make it as a trader.  Curiously enough, I found Flow through social media, where they advertised a “work hard, play hard” culture (cycling in the Alps, poker tournaments) appealing to my competitive nature.

Specialized in ETPs, we provide liquidity, around the clock, to the world markets.  During Asian trading hours, we, from the Singapore office, battle for our market share of this fast growing asset class.  What does that means day to day?  First and foremost, we need to stay sharp at all times to identify potential opportunities arising in our markets of focus.  We setup new and maintain existing algorithms in collaboration with an experienced team of technologists (programmers and market connectivity experts) and discuss trading ideas with the brightest minds in the business.  If our approach to trading is disciplined, the job is all about creativity.  That is the aspect of the work I appreciate the most, as every day I am faced with new situations from which I am expected to make the best of.

The six months training, conducted at the Amsterdam office, is a prerequisite to working at Flow Traders Asia.  It encompasses theory, team projects where we explore the new tools at our disposition and sitting at a trading desk in production.  We truly feel we are part of a team.  Not only do we learn, but we get to contribute to the desk’s success.

We, Flow employees, come from all across the globe.  Many of us had to adapt to the expat life, which solidified our bonding.  In my case, Flow took care of relocation, from tax advices to visa processing and even paid for temporary accommodation.  In short, Flow takes care of the natural obstacles to integration so our minds are dedicated to one thing: results.  We pride ourselves on our meritocratic culture and attempt to allocate talent to its best use.