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Fisher & Paykel Appliances

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Mohan Bettadpura

7.00 AM

It takes two alarms to wake me up. After a quick workout and shower, I leave for work by 7:45 am. The office is 10 minutes from my flat and I usually walk to work.

8.00 AM

Arrive at work. Getting hydrated is always the first thing on my priority list every day. I take about 15-20 mins to check emails that I have received overnight - most are either replies from manufacturers, or emails from our Thailand or Mexico factories asking for some clarifications or support with a product line. If there are things that I don’t understand or need help with, I make a list and seek help from the appropriate people throughout the day.

8.30 AM

Stand-up meeting for a UI design project, working on a control panel for a new product. Since it’s UI (User Interface) design, there are multiple teams involved - Cooking Customer Interfaces (mechanical engineering), Industrial Design,  Electronics  Hardware  Design  (my  team),  Electronics  Software  and Reliability. Each team has one or two engineers working on a given project. It is important to have these meetings because the Chief Engineer must make sure every team is aligned and the project is on track.

9.30 AM

Every engineer in Fisher & Paykel Appliances creates A3s for every project they are involved in (named for the page size, and very convenient to document important information). So, after our stand-up, I update my A3 with any new information and continue my design. We are at an early stage of the project, so the initial design mainly consists of exploring options to execute the project, which involves cost analysis, talking to vendors and trying to put together a high-level design of the electronics schematics.

10.15 AM

Time for coffee! We have a Social Kitchen with premium kitchen appliances, including multiple coffee machines - one for the pros (barista coffee machine) and an automated one for lazy people like me, which only requires a push of a button to get decent coffee. I usually grab a mocha and engage in small talk with my colleagues while we are in the kitchen.

10.30 AM

Back to work. Today, I have also been building a prototype for another project, so I go to the Electronics lab located just above my desk and talk to the Lab Technician about samples we had ordered.

11.30 AM

Prepping for a weekly review with my manager. This is mainly to discuss actions for the next week and resolve any potential issues we see we might have.

12.30 PM

Lunch time! I am lucky that today is Thursday and I am a part of Vege club. Once fortnightly (every second Thursday for Vege club), one person in the club volunteers to cook lunch for the rest of the members using our premium kitchen appliances. There are also Roast, Cake, and Breakfast clubs. It is an excellent opportunity to try out the products we design, and gives a different perspective as we experience from a customer’s point of view.

2.30 PM

Completed the review with my manager, reviewed actions for the week and scheduled two meetings for the next week to discuss some of the roadblocks in the projects I have been working on. From here, for the next hour and a half my work is mostly focused on schematic design and some documentation work for the assigned projects.

3.15 PM

Grab another coffee and a quick bite, to get a burst of energy for the rest of the day.

4.00 PM

Getting ready for tomorrow, prepping for a meeting (not my meeting, so only have to review the attachments to make sure I’m not out of context in the meeting tomorrow). Make a to-do list for tomorrow and organise emails to attend to the next day.

4.30 PM

Home time. A fellow grad and I both live close to the office and walk the same road back to our respective flats, so walk together chatting about the day’s work. As he is a software engineer and I am a hardware engineer, a lot of our work intersects, so this could be counted as another work catch-up haha!

5.30 PM

Unwind for a bit at my flat, grab a drink, maybe a bite and get ready to head out to the basketball court. My mantra for life is work hard and play harder.

6.00 PM

I play basketball for a local club and we have practice sessions every Monday and Thursday. We play in a league and our games are on Saturdays.

8.00 PM

After a tough training session, it’s dinner time and I need a huge feed to recover. In addition to my mantra, I also make sure I eat healthy, self-cooked vegetarian meals. Today’s is kumara, broccoli and kale along with spaghetti and tomato sauce. I save some for tomorrow’s lunch.

9.00 PM

Catch up on some NBA highlights and podcasts (mainly AI related or Joe Rogan Experience).

10.00 PM

This is where I hit the sack, after checking Instagram or Snapchat. End of day.