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Lauchlan Shores

6.45 AM

I prepare for the day by getting dressed, eating a large bowl of Weet-Bix and ensuring my packed lunch of pesto pasta is prepped and ready to go. Then I make my way to the train station just down the road and begin my journey to the office.

7.45 AM

I arrive just before 8:00 which is when I make myself a coffee, catch-up on emails and update my workflow planner for the day. My workflow planner helps me communicate to my manager, so that we both know what I’m currently working on, the urgency of this work and if needed, any jobs that are available that can be assigned to me.

Findex Graduate Lauchlan Shores working

8.00 AM

By 8, the proper work begins.  My day usually starts by bringing in any client information that has been sent through overnight, adjusting entries in the client’s financials and providing clients information on either the tax they have to pay or if they are due for a refund.

9.00 AM

Our weekly workflow catch-up amongst the members of my pod takes place every Monday morning to go over each member’s workflow. We like to start off by talking about our antics over the weekend, and then delve into more important topics and inform each other of our progress. This helps us to be more comfortable with each other in a sometimes-demanding work environment, as I look to my pod for help on anything advisory related and can be assured that their help will come without question.

Findex Graduate Lauchlan Shores reading

10.00 AM

Most Monday mornings I find myself downstairs getting an Iced Coffee and reading the paper, enabling me to keep up to date with the weekend’s events and provide insightful input into pod chats.

10.15 AM

A typical day for me will be preparing financial statements for the likes of both companies and trusts and supporting their figures and making any necessary changes throughout. My work for the day can range from preparing a client’s tax return, to giving client advice on a property they purchased during the year. Thus, each day can be different.

Findex Graduate Lauchlan Shores coffee

1.00 PM

Preferring to take a late lunch benefits me, as it beats the rush of the sushi line and shortens the afternoon. As I look over the spectacular view that my company provides me with, I reflect on all that is good in the world.

2.00 PM

Back at my desk, I’m currently preparing for that client meeting that had been on my calendar for weeks. As the graduate, it is my job to prepare all the final copies of the client’s financials so that the meeting can go as planned.

Findex Graduate Lauchlan Shores meeting

3.30 PM

The manager, Key Relationship Manager (KRM) and I go out to meet the client. With financials in hand, I supply all the documents to the KRM and manager as they go through all the yearly figures with the client. Comparing to last years, looking forward and giving any advice. The purpose of a client meeting is to go through all the key aspects of the business’ key drivers and what keeps them running.

Although as a graduate, I do not get a lot of input, I am more there to grow and learn, taking in all the information and advice a more senior manager gives to clients.

4.30 PM

Back at my desk, I finalise the signed documents and upload them into our system and continue back to work with my pod.

Findex Graduate Lauchlan Shores going home

5.30 PM

After an eventful day, I wind out my day by updating my workflow and saying goodbye to my pod members. I walk towards the train station less than a minute away from the office. Instead of going back to the flat, I head straight to the gym, where some exercise to end the day really helps to relieve stress, stretch the legs after being in an office all day, and test me physically rather than the mental aspect of work.

7.30 PM

Dinner time! Where one of my rostered flatmates cooks up a storm. A typical meal consists of either chicken on rice or chicken wraps, anything to do with chicken really, a truly satisfying meal. Then there is nothing better than Netflix in bed to end out the day. I try to get an early night, to start the next day off with a bang.