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Ergon Energy Network | Energex

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Culture at Ergon Energy Network | Energex

9.3 rating for Culture, based on 11 reviews
Please describe your company's culture both in the office and after hours. Let us know about the structure and hierarchy, cooperation and teamwork, and socialising amongst colleagues.
Overall business culture is quite inclusive. Culture within the team is very dependent on the team you're in. My current team is very social and we will often catch-up outside of work a couple of times a month.
Graduate, Cairns
Energy Queensland has a hierarchical structure, which means there are several different layers of management. You always report to your supervisor at any given time. Cooperation and teamwork has been positive in my experience, as teams are always professional and happy to have graduates. Obviously changing teams every 6 months means being exposed to a lot of different personalities, and naturally some teams are more social than others. Where I am located, there are a number of graduates, and we sometimes socialise outside of work which is fun!
Graduate, Rockhampton
The company's culture is what drew me to seek employment at Energy Queensland. I have found that colleagues are very giving of their time, sharing of experiences and genuinely care for others. I have not observed ingenuine colleagues and intentions, and that greatly appeals to me. Often, teams are not just friends at work but in their personal life. This aspect appeals when seeking a long term employer. For me, the best way to describe company culture is with colours. Energy Queensland in my eyes is green - fresh, future focussed, environmentally conscious, financially stable, continually evolving, lively and prosperous. The other companies I worked for appeared grey to me.
Graduate, Brisbane
Great culture, everyone is nice and wants to help everyone do the best they can.
Graduate, Cairns
Coming from a workplace that had a negative culture, I find Energy Queensland extremely refreshing. There hasn't been one person I have met yet that has had a bad attitude, with everyone having a positive outlook to the role they play within Energy Queensland. In the engineering sections of the business, I see great teamwork not just at a team level, but across the organisation. Projects, planning or operational constraints mean that many business units must communicate with each other and everyone seems to have a great rapport with one another. As far as hierarchy goes here, it appears to me as if everyone is important and this, I believe filters all the way up to the CEO level. In my time so far, the graduates have had the opportunity to meet with Executive General Managers', General Managers' and Managers through multiple platforms within the organisation and all seem to be supportive and encouraging of graduates. Where I am based there is a social club and I have often attended functions, where everyone from field staff to GMs attend. As graduates we all maintain a great social network with all other graduates also and on the occasion where we travel to another location for work, we often meet up for dinner.
Graduate, Rockhampton
Always a few with bad work ethic. Coffee breaks and lunch breaks are perfectly acceptable. Social networks are based on who you know, rather than forced lunches as a team.
Midlevel, Brisbane
The environment is pretty welcoming. Each department are different from one another, some are quite close knit and social. You'll find the variety within the company and a team that fits your personality and interests.
Graduate, Brisbane