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EF English First

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Working Hours at EF English First

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
My average day looks like: Mon- Fri- 1PM- 8PM Sat- Sun- 8AM-6PM 2 days off- During the week
You'll have a set schedule but you don't need to do any work outside of your usual hours.
Graduate, Shanghai
Non traditional work schedule - later starts in the week and working weekends. Still have 2 days off midweek- a nice schedule for travelling in less busy times
Graduate, Beijing
We need to be in work 9-6 but there can be some flexibility, for example if you come in earlier you can leave earlier.
Graduate, Shanghai
Standard full time job, but working outside standard 9-5. I have two days off in the week, but then the rest is evenings and weekends because we're teaching the kids when they're outside of normal school time
Graduate, Shanghai