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Chris Gordon

7.20 AM

Alarm goes off. I hit snooze to let my mind get out of the sleepy haze.

7.30 AM

Alarm goes off again, I grab my phone and check the notifications, replying to any messages from overnight. Jump out of bed and have a shower, then get ready while listening to the morning news podcasts.

8.00 AM

Head out the door with my housemate who travels into the city for work at the same time I do.

8.05 AM

Catch the tram, hoping that it isn’t a sardine can simulator and that I can have at least some space to reply to any emails that have come through overnight or that morning.


8.30 AM

Get off at my stop and walk into the office and go to the kitchen to have breakfast with friends that get in early as well. Generally, I’ll have some muesli and yoghurt and of course, coffee. I like to max out the strength setting on the coffee machine.

9.00 AM

I head down the stairs to my desk, I work in the digital transformation team working with cool tech. To start off with, I map out the day ahead in my note book with my to do list. I then continue work on an excel application I’m making for a client to input information that will convert it into code for an app that the team is currently creating. Even though I didn’t do IT at uni, writing codes in excel pretty much makes me a developer, right? Right!? Ok, maybe not. But at least it’s something a little bit different that I can challenge myself with.

at the office

11.00 AM

I have a meeting to discuss the outline and objectives of a pitch the team will do for a client. As we have offices all over Australia we use physical meeting spaces as well as skype to talk with colleagues in offices down the road and interstate. I always take my notebook in meetings to jot down the key points, it’s always handy to take notes to refer to later, it also helps shift straight to the action points post-meeting.


12.00 PM

I get started on forming the pitch to the client. This one is for the uses of augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) in their industry. I’m devising ways the client could commercialise AR, and the ways in which it could be implemented to improve their organisation. This is the part of consulting that I love; coming up with business solutions for clients.

1.00 PM

Lunch time!! One of my favourite parts of the day simply because food! If I haven’t brought food from home I’ll generally go around the corner to a small sandwich shop that does tasty sandwich baguettes for $4.50, or as they say; for the price of just one coffee! I then go and sit outside with friends and hang out while we eat. Most of the time I don’t take the full hour for lunch unless I’m going to a sit-down lunch.

1.45 PM

I go upstairs to the kitchen and get the mid-day coffee before returning to my desk. I check the to do list I made in the morning to see what else needs to be done. I get started on a graphic plan for our team. In my spare time I like to make graphics in illustrator and use InDesign and photoshop for various projects I’m doing. I started using illustrator in my internal work and the team liked it so it’s now being utilised on client engagements. It was one of the things which I worked on when looking for work which I saw as a value add which has now flowed on into my professional work (that’s a tip to build skills in things you enjoy in your spare time).


3.30 PM

Time to check the to do list again. I have two parts to the to do list, one for today and one for ongoing. I work on the ongoing list whenever I finish the work I’ve scheduled for that day or to take a break and clear my head from a task I’m on. It helps to always have something to do and generally contains projects that I’ve initiated myself. One of the things that I learned since starting, is to do something and then ask my managers opinion on it later. It helps to have a formed idea presented (even in draft form) so that it can be conveyed and understood in an efficient manner rather than just describing concepts. For my ongoing project, I’m creating a plan that I believe currently improves the way we are doing something. We’re encouraged to challenge the status quo if it’s a positive change so it’s fun to embrace that.

4.00 PM

Afternoon coffee time! I head upstairs to the kitchen to take a quick break and stretch the legs. While I’m up there I catch up on news and messages. I take about 10 minutes out before heading back down.

At the phone

4.10 PM

I get back onto the excel spread sheet I started on in the morning. I’m now building and testing through a json validator, finding the errors, fixing the errors, hoping the fixes worked, checking and continuing until it’s error free! Generally, when I get on a roll with things I like to finish at an end point where I won’t need to go back and regain my thought process when I pick it up again. Sometimes this means I stay back a bit later, but when I’m enjoying my work and getting stuff done, it’s satisfying.

6.00 PM

Pack up for the day and head to the tram to go home. Put my headphones in and listen to some music or a comedy podcast.


6.30 PM

Arrive home, get changed into comfy clothes and chill out on the couch for a bit chatting with my house mates about the day.

7.00 PM

Get started on cooking dinner. I’m the cook for the apartment but I like my housemates to tell me what they want to eat to save me from having to come up with something each night. My favourite food to cook is pasta because it’s easy to make something tasty and doesn’t take much time and you can then sit on the couch comfortably with a bowl in hand. We’ve also started enjoying a bit of wine in the evenings so depending on our mood, we’ll open a bottle and watch the latest episode of whatever we’re watching on Netflix (how original, I know).

9.30 PM

Jump on the computer and do a bit of work with an online racing simulator community that I co-founded. I’m a racing and sports nut so Formula 1 and Football (Go Dogs!) occupies a fair bit of my time.

10.30 PM

Iron any shirts that are needed for the next day and then wind down for bed.

12.00 AM

Hit the hay, set the alarm(s) and lights out.