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Vincent Diep

Vincent studied Bachelor of Finance at Australian National University and is now working as an Investment Operations Analyst at CSC.

6:00 AM

That’s the alarm, if I haven’t already woken up before it. It’s time to hydrate, and get ready for the day.

6:30 AM

I’m either out for a walk around the suburb, or running to work off the food from yesterday!

7:10 AM

I’ve showered and am dressed for the day. I down breakfast while catching up on what’s happened overnight, whether that be social media or news.

7:50 AM

The bus to work is packed as usual, but it’s not too long before a short leisurely walk to the office.

8:20 AM

Instantly power on the laptop, and complete a check of yesterday’s work. This ensures that the basis for the work we do today will be in-line with expectations. I’ll have tons of emails overnight as well, so it’s time to clear through them.

11:00 AM

Day in the Life Vincent CSC

Small video catch up with the other grads from my cohort. I don’t see them too often in the building, so it was a happy coincidence that we were all in together today! Good bunch.

From here on, various checks and BAU tasks will take priority (not that they don’t before 11:00 AM, it’s really a whole day thing). I’ll sometimes take time to sit with my supervisor to check my understanding of a process, as well as learn something new.

Day in the Life Vincent CSC

I’ll sometimes have bits of work that come from areas outside of Investment Operations. It’s a good opportunity to network and meet faces around the business I haven’t seen before.

5:30 PM

Wrapping up with checks and work, making sure things are ready to go again! The investments world is constant, so there’s always something new to see and face tomorrow.