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Sarah Kalfas

Coles doesn’t just talk the talk, it walks the walks.  Graduates really do get given a lot of responsibility and the scope to run their own projects.

Describe People & Culture in a nutshell.

P&C is a dynamic function which covers the entire employee lifecycle – the range of context that this includes really means that you have a unique opportunity to choose-your-own-adventure! Whether it is through a generalist role as a Business Partner, or in a specialist function like Advisory or Organisational Development, you will be sure to find a way to improve the efficiency and success of our business from the inside out. At the store level, through to the Distribution Centres, all the way into Store Support Centre, P&C is the touchstone for the business’s most valuable resource!

What do you love about People &Culture?

I love coming to work every day and pushing myself to think outside the square.  P&C is far more than just finding the best people; it’s about finding innovative ways to get the best out of our people. When people begin to reach their peak, that’s when you shift into something really exciting! At Coles you really are surrounded by the best of the best, and it is motivating to be challenged to find intelligent solutions which encourage our team to be more efficient, work smarter and excel in a fast-paced, competitive commercial environment.

What is the most rewarding experience you’ve had in this function so far?

Coles doesn’t just talk the talk, it walks the walks.  Graduates really do get given a lot of responsibility and the scope to run their own projects. Within my first rotation working in the P&C Team business partnering with Liquor, I have been able to take the lead and manage four very different projects. These ranged from conducting research to establish what our Store Managers value, to redesigning the Coles Careers Webpage. I have needed to understand, prioritise and engage a range of internal and external stakeholders, collaborate with our Store Support Centre and Operational teams, as well as work alongside our Store Team Members to make sure they remain actively involved in the solutions we are rolling out within our business. It has been a very fulfilling experience to have the opportunity to network with such a variety of experienced and passionate people, gaining a unique perspective into the intricacies of how Coles operates. 

Sarah Kalfas at Coles with colleagues

Why Coles?

Because it has something for everyone! Coles is an iconic Aussie brand that champions what it means to be Australian – we work hard, we give everything a fair go, we think outside the square to find innovative ways of improving and we have a really great time while doing it! Coles celebrates the ways in which unique thinking and individuality can come together and create a highly engaged and driven team. Understanding how an iconic Australian brand operates and succeeds truly is an invaluable experience. 

What piece of advice would you give to the graduates of the future?

Don’t take this opportunity for granted, push yourself to think differently, to ask intelligent questions and don’t be afraid to speak up because innovators need to be willing to look foolish in front of the crowd! Rely on the strength of your ideas and the value of what you are doing - don’t forget to be reflective and acknowledge your blind spots.

Sarah Kalfas at Coles

How have you been supported on the graduate program at Coles?

Right from the start of the application process, the Graduate Team made sure we all felt welcome, valued and included as part of the Coles family. The week-long induction, extensive resources and energetic team made you feel well informed and empowered to begin your journey at Coles. As a graduate you get paired with a Buddy, a Line Manager, an Accelerator Coach, and a Functional Sponsor, all of whom are fantastic points of call when you need advice, reassurance or just someone to bounce ideas off! But it isn’t just the Graduate Team that goes above and beyond in making you feel supported, the Store Manager and Team Members from your In-store Experience and the wider Store Support CentretTeam in general, are all very excited to have you on board and are so willing to mentor and guide you every step of the way. 


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