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  • 50,000 - 100,000 employees


1) Where did you start with Cisco, and where did it lead you?
I joined through the Cisco Sales Associate Program in 2013. I moved from Adelaide to Sydney for the role. After two years in the program I am now an Account Manager looking after K-12 Education and retail in NSW.

2) Why did you join Cisco's graduate program? As a graduate at Cisco, what is the most valuable skill or piece of information you gained?
After finishing university I always wanted to work for a global company that was fast paced and ever changing. It would be hard to pin point a single skill or piece of information I gained. I came into the program from University with not a lot of knowledge of the corporate world. The Associate Sales Representative program exceeded any exception I had. It gave me so much knowledge and many skills all of which I still hold on to. The people push you to succeed; however, you have to be open to the challenge.

3) What type of work did you do during your graduate program?
The first three months of the program we underwent training courses focusing on the latest technology advancements and how to effectively sell them to customers as whole solutions. The following nine months, we managed customer accounts and collaborated with Cisco engineers to provide technical solutions.

4) Why would you encourage a student to apply for a role at Cisco?
Cisco is a brilliant company to work for, one of the best in the world. It will open doors to many opportunities to different parts of the business and endless travel possibilities. A company that really is changing the way we work.

5) What is the best part about working at Cisco?
The culture and people make Cisco incredible. Our leaders motivate us on a daily basis. The experience is continuous. Every day is a different, exciting and challenging.

6) How did the graduate or intern program prepare you for the next stage in your career?
The level of training we received the first three months of the program has continued throughout my career. From technical to sales to business etiquette – Cisco has always ensured they provide training so we can be the best we can be.