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  • 50,000 - 100,000 employees


1) Where did you start with CISCO, and where did it lead you?
I started at Cisco with the Cisco Associate Sales Program as a graduate in Singapore. Today I am a Virtual Systems Engineer working in Melbourne, Australia.

2) Why did you join CISCO's graduate program? As a graduate at CISCO, what is the most valuable skill you gained?
Being exposed to Cisco during my studies generated a passion for networking. In my labs when I was configuring networks on Cisco switches I thought I would enjoy working for a company such as Cisco, as they make products that just work. Now, having completed the graduate program I have acquired new skills and expertise knowledge, the most valuable being the ability to transform business initiatives and goals into Cisco technological solutions.

3) What type of work did you do during your graduate program?
The graduate position was split into three sections, the first part was learning and development. The second part was working with Cisco partners and internal sales organization where the type of work I conducted was building Bills of Materials that contained positioned Cisco products and services. The third part was to join Cisco's Customer Experience Center. Here, I was delivering demonstrations to CXO's of various organizations across Asia Pacific, this was truly an amazing experience to have that level of exposure to key decision makers.

4) Why would you encourage a student to apply for a role at CISCO?
Cisco's aim is to be the number one I.T company in the world, this is evident when you see the direction Cisco is taking. I.T is constantly changing, so it is best to invest your time and efforts to work for a company who can determine or even dictate that change. Cisco expressed an immense level of care for my transition from Australia to Singapore, it was a smooth and painless process that I am very grateful for.

5) What is the best part about working at CISCO?
There is so much to mention but I if I had to give a single answer it would be the community. Everyone I have ever interacted with Cisco has been nothing but helpful, kind and supportive. For example I would have senior employees going out of there way for me just to make sure that I would have a sound understanding on the current topic of discussion. In addition to that there are numerous team building events and charity events which I really enjoyed attending.

6) How did the graduate or intern program prepare you for the next stage in your career?
I feel that there was no better way to enter the professional workforce than to start in Singapore's working culture. In addition, the graduate program consisted of high detailed and immersive training to assist with the career evolution from a graduate to a working professional.