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Capgemini Australia

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Sustainability at Capgemini Australia

7.1 rating for Sustainability, based on 25 reviews
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There are many initiatives/projects that Capgemini runs in relation to reducing its environmental footprint. For example, the Global Data Science Challenge (organised by Capgemini) aims to save sperm whale lives with AI and therefore make a positive environmental impact.
Graduate, Adelaide
Doing well, but I think they could make more of an effort to publicise how much they are doing about being green
Graduate, Melbourne
Grads have run Clean Up Australia events, where they volunteer for a day on the weekend.
Graduate, Melbourne
Good. Between 2015-2017, the company has reduced carbon emissions per employee by 15%, and are targeting to reduce it further
Graduate, Melbourne
We use pens made up of recycled plastic, raise awareness of using reusable coffee mugs.
Graduate, Melbourne