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Kai Richardson

5.30 AM

An early alarm for the first day of the week. It’s a Tuesday this week as the Monday is Labour Day in Victoria, but also Canberra Day in ACT. I roll out of bed to finish packing my bag with the last minute things I was too tired to pack last night. 

For a little bit of context, I am working as a Data Engineer on a project-based out of Canberra while I am based out of Melbourne.
6.15 AM

After a quick shower, I get a text from the taxi driver. He’s arrived to drive me to the airport. I live over an hour away from the airport, so this is a chance to get that little bit of extra sleep before I really have to start thinking.
7.30 AM

I arrive at the airport and meet some of my colleagues here for breakfast. It’s not long before we have to pack up and board our plane.
8.30 AM

We’re finally on our way to Canberra. The flight is just over an hour.

Capgemini Australia Graduate - Plane window, wing and propeller
9.30 AM

We have arrived! The office is only 15-20m away from the office, so we hop into an uber and before we know it, we’ve arrived.
10.00 AM

We drop our bags down and quickly head into a meeting room to run a quick stand-up meeting to discuss what everyone is doing today, what they did the previous day (Friday), and to see if there are any urgent tasks that need to be done.

Quick check of the emails and we’re on our way.
10.45 AM

After settling ourselves in for the day, replying to emails and queries, it’s about time for a coffee. The day wouldn’t run smoothly without one. This has become a team tradition for us, which is always a good chance for everyone to get more comfortable with each other, and also a good chance to converse with the client.  A good relationship with a client is very important, especially as a consultant.

Capgemini Australia Graduate - Male professional queueing in a pastry shop.
11.00 AM

Coffee at hand, emails responded to, desk set up, I am now in the zone to crack into some coding. As a data engineer, I am working on building a pipeline for data to move from one place to another and apply some changes. All while considering clients’ needs along the way. Predominantly I am using Python to complete my work, but recently I have begun to utilise Spark for ETL.
12.45 PM

Lunchtime! My colleagues and I are a close-knit team, and we all head off to the local shops to pick up something tasty.
1.15 PM

Back from lunch already to prep for a 1.30 pm meeting with some important stakeholders. In this time I’m doing some final adjustments to my slides and settling my nerves.

1.30 PM

Big meeting with the Chief Data Officer of the client. I was proposing my plan for a particular pipeline that will be able to complete a necessary transformation to their data within our cloud environment.

Capgemini Australia Graduate - Male professionals having a meeting.
2.00 PM

Meeting was a complete success! She had questions here and there, which I had expected to encounter from my preparations, and an overall positive response to the plan. She even asked me, after development was complete, to demonstrate how it works to her team so they can use the same pipeline on their platform for other transformations.

For now, it’s back to my desk to keep plugging away at my code.
3.00 PM

We have an internal meeting now that will discuss how, as a team, we will plan to approach various situations that we are expecting to arise.

Capgemini Australia Graduate - Male professional writing on a white board.
4.00 PM

Time for a quick tea, chamomile is my choice, before getting back to development.

Capgemini Australia Graduate - A glass of chamomile tea on a computer desk.
5.00 PM

People have begun to leave the office, but because of our late start we will be sticking around for a little longer.
6.00 PM

We’re out of the office now and heading to our accommodation. We quickly check-in and change before heading out for the evening.
7.30 PM

Getting some dinner with my colleagues from Melbourne. Chicken Katsu Curry for tonight.
8.00 PM

Last stop before back to the hotel, the all-important Coles trip. Pick up some essentials like milk for breakfast the next day.
8.20 PM

The first day of the week is always the longest for us. So without too much chit chat, we all head to our rooms and call it a night.
8.30 PM

Settled in for the night, I chuck on a show on Netflix, make sure my phone is charging and head to bed to be ready for another day in the office tomorrow.

Life as a Grad in Capgemini will be different for everyone. We are all working on a variety of different projects for a variety of different clients. As a consultant, we are constantly on our toes, expecting the unexpected, managing expectations and always learning.