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BP New Zealand

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Jean-Luc Chaffey

7.30 AM

Beat the alarm by a minute or two and have a quick update on social media and anything that might have happened in the world overnight.

8.10 AM

Jump on my bike and ride into work managing to filter through all the traffic to make some good time.

8.30 AM

Arrive at work and catch up on any emails that have come through the night before as a lot of work involves talking to our accounts teams in Australia & Manilla.

BP Graduate Jean-Luc Chaffey morning

8.45 AM

Daily coffees with all the other graduates here in New Zealand after sorting through our emails and answering anything urgent.

9.00 AM

Answer any ad-hoc requests our B2B team might have made and look over our distribution reconciliation reports. We have 4 distribution partners here in New Zealand (Aratuna, McFalls, RDP & Toll), who help deliver our fuel to our own sites and customers so it’s important we make sure all the numbers add up.

12.00 PM

Lunch in the kitchen with the other graduates where we often deep dive into some of life’s hardest questions. Taranjoot or I play the devil’s advocate and Kathlynn being the neutral buffer between the two of us!

1.00 PM

Prep for a catch-up with a client at 1:30 PM by running their fuel card and bulk volumes for the last year and refreshing myself on what they do and how we can help. 

1.30 PM

Meet downstairs for the client meeting with our B2B team. A lot of our work with the B2B team is running reports and moving customers between rebate profiles.

2.30 PM

Catch up with my line manager to talk about any changes in work, provide feedback and just have a general catch up.

3.30 PM

Co-ordinate with Australia on some project work and manage to knock out some work while the office is quiet.

4.30 PM

Have a quick check of our team inbox to make sure there isn’t anything coming in last minute that needs to be done.

BP Graduate Jean-Luc Chaffey football


5.00 PM

Leave BP and head off for a great game of footy with our BP social football team.