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Zoe Ryan

6.20 AM

Wake up to Skype my boyfriend in London – long-distance relationships require some sacrifice in the sleep department!

7.00 AM

Get up and get ready for a day in the corporate world of Sydney CBD.

7.20 AM

Catch the train into work, practice my Swedish on my Duolingo App on the way in.

7.45 AM

Arrive at work in time to grab a coveted avocado from the fridge at work. Make the most of the famous (free!) Bloomberg pantry to create a gourmet breakfast with cold-pressed juice and a barista-style coffee.

7.55 AM

Log into my Bloomberg Terminal to check overnight emails from clients and colleagues. General follow-up in the morning will include answering client queries about their Bloomberg terminal, setting up client trainings, chasing contracts or organising internal strategy meetings.

Bloomberg L.P. Zoe Ryan checking her emails

8.00 AM

Join the Monday Morning Meeting (MMM) to get an update on how we are performing as a department, highlights from the week, visitors in the office and upcoming events. This week, we are lucky enough to be going on a cruise on the Sydney Harbour to welcome one of our Chairmen from the New York office!

8.30 AM

I like to grab a coffee in the morning with some of my friends at work – we find that it’s best to do this early, as it is the most likely time of the day that we will all be in the office and will have some time to spare.

Bloomberg L.P. Zoe Ryan grabbing a cup of coffee

9.00 AM

Our clients are in the office, which means the emails are flowing and the phones are ringing. When I’m in the office, you can find me at my desk speaking to clients about their Bloomberg usage, scheduling trainings, or speaking to my colleagues about the clients I cover in Sydney and Melbourne. When I’m not in the office, I get to walk around in the sunshine to visit my clients around the city. Not a bad way to get my 10,000 steps in!

10.00 AM

Time for my first meeting of the day – this morning, I’m seeing an Equity Portfolio Manager at a Tier 1 Asset Management firm who has been using Bloomberg for thirteen years. A majority of my meeting consists of me asking the PM about her workflow: What do you do in a day? How do you do it? How does Bloomberg fit into that? What doesn’t Bloomberg do for you? This is my opportunity to understand her role and how our product fits into her workflow. It also allows me to identify any gaps or opportunities where we can improve our product or the client’s usage. I show the client some functionality on the Bloomberg Terminal that I think would be interesting to her; in this case, it’s our new natural language news searching feature. The feedback is extremely positive, and the PM informs me that this is something that will save her a substantial amount of time throughout her day. It’s rewarding to know that something I show my clients will make such a big difference to their daily lives. 

Bloomberg L.P. Zoe Ryan first meeting of the day

11.00 AM

Back to the office for our Monday Product Update – this week, we have a Product Manager for our Research Management tools from London in the office. He shows us some new developments his team has been working on, and how it can be used by our clients. This is a great opportunity to network with international colleagues, as well as understand the directions in which our product and business are moving.

12.00 PM

Time for lunch with my colleagues. We all bring our homemade or locally bought lunches to eat in the sunshine on our 28th floor terrace that overlooks the Sydney Harbour Bridge. I’ve definitely had worse views (and company)!

12.45 PM

Mondays mean Yoga at Bloomberg. We go to a nearby yoga studio to do a 45-minute session with a yogi instructor. Guys and girls from all areas of the business get involved and it’s a great way to de-stress, get our heart-rate up and even sweat a bit.

2.30 PM

Today I am welcoming a graduate analyst from one of Australia’s largest superfunds into our Sydney office to train him up on how to use Bloomberg. As he has never used Bloomberg before, I make sure I educate him on who we are as a company and how our product can add value to his workflow before showing him how to navigate our system. A new-user demonstration involves showing the client how to use Bloomberg to locate financial news and information, including real-time and historic price data, financials data, trading news and analyst coverage. Each training is tailored to the client’s role and independent needs.

Bloomberg L.P. Zoe Ryan welcoming a graduate analyst

4.00 PM

I spend some time in the afternoon working on ongoing projects for some of our strategic clients. This involves liaising with some of Australia’s most high-profile CEO’s, CIO’s and COO’s. Building a relationship with people at this level is critical in ensuring the maintenance and growth of Bloomberg’s presence in financial markets.

Bloomberg L.P. Zoe Ryan second meeting of the day

6.00 PM

Monday is over, so it’s time to hit the gym. Boxing is my go-to class for a fun, sweaty work out.  

7.30 PM

Home for dinner – looking forward to some leftovers from Sunday. I also pack my suitcase for my trip to Melbourne tomorrow. I’m heading down for three days to visit Bloomberg clients in Melbourne.

8.30 PM

It’s important for me to have some downtime. This usually involves trashy TV and a cheeky bowl of ice-cream to treat myself.

10:20 PM

Book and bedtime for me – just in time to get my 8 hours in before I get to do it all again tomorrow!