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Xin Yan Ho

6.30 AM

First alarm goes off, I close my eyes for another 5 minutes before rolling over and out of bed. I start with a few morning stretches. Time for another week!

7.00 AM

As I breeze through my morning routine, my mind is occupied with running through my schedule for the day. Thinking about the meetings that normally fill up my Monday morning to the time I need to leave and collect my bags. I double-check that I packed everything last night and have my passport!

Bloomberg: Xin Yan Ho- morning routine

7.15 AM

I rush off past the lake, the trees and squawking birds towards the next train to the city.

8.00 AM

Our Monday Morning Meetings are attended by different departments gathered to hear the latest sales wrap. The agenda varies between how the year to date performance of the firm is doing, what strategies we are focusing on and any new events to keep in mind.

9.00 AM

What follows is our team meeting where we focus on the movements closer to us. Where everyone is headed for the week either around Australia, Pacific Islands and New Zealand and what we would like to achieve during our travels. All my clients are based in New Zealand and this week I am drilling into their level of engagement with our software trials by ensuring our potential new clients are well set up to use it. As first time users, they find it challenging to pick up and I help support the best technical set up to get the most out of the market data and analytical tools.

10.00 AM

I have a bit of time to round up admin from previous client visits. I start working through recording my call notes and co-ordinating department resources to provide technical answers to client queries. If I have a bit of extra time, I start making some calls and organising future trips for clients that require further support.

12.00 PM

Next, our Monday Morning Update is usually a quick 30 minute gathering with our Market Specialists and Sales representatives to cover new enhancement to our software and current market topics to engage with our client.

Bloomberg : Xin Yan Ho meeting

12.30 PM

It’s time for a break over lunch outdoors on our balcony, a quick moment to re-energize.

2.00 PM

I meet with a client who is in Sydney for a few days. Good chance to show them round our office since we usually meet them at theirs. It’s also a great time to refuel with some snacks from the pantry.

Bloomberg: Xin Yan Ho - meet with client

3.00 PM

I’m working on a project to implement other technical solutions for my clients in New Zealand and co-ordinating the efforts with other teams in the office so I make sure we make time to stay updated on developments. Building knowledge for other business streams within the firm is an important element to the job as it helps develop a holistic understanding of client needs and improving workflow efficiency.

Bloomberg L.P.: Xin Yan Ho - work with team

4.30 PM

I prepare to leave the office and head to the airport for my evening flight to New Zealand.

6.45 PM

We are about to take-off and while taxiing the runway, I check my schedule for tomorrow, making a mental note of my first meeting and location. I will be arriving in Wellington late this evening and reminding myself of the schedule helps me keep track of my first to last meetings.