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Working Hours at Austal Australia

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How flexible is your company when it comes to hours?
80 hours a week, 9 days fortnightly. Quite flexible and we are allowed to work from home if have legitimate reasons.
Graduate, Perth
The company is very flexible with the hours worked. However, I believe this also to be dependent on management/departments.
Graduate, Perth
9-day-fortnight (80 hrs per fortnight). Every second Friday is a rostered day off. Flexible start and finish times, with a general understanding that you are there for a large portion of the "normal operating hours", between 9am and 4pm. Usual culture is to work 9 to 9.5 hrs (excluding 0.5 hr unpaid lunch) Mon-Thu, and leave earlier than usual on the Friday that you do work. Taking the occasional early leave is accepted.
Graduate, Perth
Austal is very flexible with the working hours except if you work on the production floor. All of the managers that I have reported to so far were happy with me doing my own convenient start and end times as long as I get my work done and meet the weekly hours requirement. Also the 9 day fortnight, which you can opt into gives you a long weekend every other week which I find is really good.
Graduate, Henderson