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Management at Austal Australia

7.9 rating for Management, based on 11 reviews
How accessible are managers and do they make good mentors? You may want to address internal communication, performance feedback or praise and recognition.
They are very approachable and have an open door policy so are always happy to stop for a chat and provide feedback. My mentor, being the COO, can be a bit harder to get in touch with but he always makes the effort to make himself available.
Graduate, Henderson
Managers are very knowledgeable, as with mentors. but the issue is they are so busy with meetings ,dealing with important other matters that , I am conscious, to the point of reluctance to disturb them. When you do get a couple of minutes with them , they give you the info you need or at least who to contact to resolve your issue. An efficient performance feedback review process is still a work of progress at Austal. It palces a lot of onus on the graduate t complete and the current template can be a vague.
Graduate, Perth
Managers and mentors are very good at Austal, They have a keen eye on the work conducted by graduates.
Graduate, Perth
Dependent on department and individual management styles. In general, however, there is an emphasis on accessibility and support from management, with key factors being frequent formal and informal communication between managers and staff. Managers are approachable and will happily be a bouncing-board for ideas and suggestions. There is a formal mentorship relationship as part of the Graduate Program, where each graduate is paired with a senior member of the company to help facilitate workplace-focused professional development. On top of this, managers also act as mentors to encourage personal and professional growth. This includes discussing performance by giving constructive suggestions, as well as acknowledging both personal and professional achievements.
Graduate, Perth
All the managers that I have worked with have been really good and approachable. They have always tried to guide me to the best possible outcomes. Internal communications are very effective and you could walk up to anyone in the office and ask questions (depending on how busy they are).
Graduate, Henderson