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Please comment on your role and day-to-day responsibilities.
As a grad who rotates in various dept, this will vary. but it depends on your supervisor and their ability to have projects that a grad can work on. But basically a lot of project admin work with ad hoc projects as they arise.
Graduate, Perth
I am fortunate to work on business processes which is very interesting.
Graduate, Perth
I worked as a project engineer and managed multiple engineering change requests as part of my first rotation. My job was to define the client/system requirements and design the solution, It involved exercising risk management, safety and quality legislative requirements, engineering analysis, technical writing and presenting the change to the client.
Graduate, Perth
Assisting research and development of emergent technologies (benchmarking new ideas against their tried-and-true competitors). Developing digital automation solutions for lacking, or resource-intensive, areas of business activities (software engineering and programming). Acting as an internal consultant to other departments to provide understanding of pathways for digital solutions.
Graduate, Perth
Learn the principals of the IFS data migration functions & develop necessary skills in order to support the ERP data migration effort for Project Jupiter. Deriving requirements to support software development efforts & manage testing/roll-out with users. Each development effort is like a micro-project and requires collaboration & coordination with stakeholders and developers.
Graduate, Perth