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Aurecon Australia

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Office & Workplace at Aurecon Australia

8.2 rating for Workplace, based on 49 reviews
Please comment on your company's office space, location and facilities. And while we're at it, please tell us a little about the dress code.
There are plenty of meeting rooms and I enjoy sitting with my team in an open plan office. In terms of location, we are in the Docklands in Melbourne, which is quite well set up for office work, especially around lunch time on a nice day. The dress code is nice shirt and pants, though often I will wear a suit if I have a meeting with a client. However, it is casual clothes on Fridays (provided you are not in a meeting with a client). I should also mention that our Brisbane office is great, but they buy into the agile workspace (hot desking), which I am not a big fan of.
Graduate, Melbourne
I really like our office space. It is quite spacious and there are nice breakout areas for when we need it. There is a kitchenette on every level of the building and their cleaners who clean our facilities on a regular basis. I also really enjoy the greenery that we have in the office. Dress code is really good here. It is standard work wear during Mondays to Thursdays and Friday is a casual clothes day. However, dress code is really dependent on the role that one has. For those in business support, we can come in slightly less formal wear as we do not have to face clients whereas those having to meet clients will tend to dress more formally. I guess at the end of the day it is about understanding your role in order to know how you should best dress.
Graduate, Melbourne
The office has pretty much anything you need, including showers and storage spaces. It is located close to shops, transport, and places to eat.
Graduate, Sydney
Nice building but I'm not a fan of hot desking. Sometimes there are not enough spaces for the team, so it is difficult to find a spot. Dress code is quite relaxed. I often wear the company t-shirts and polos with dress pants/ skirts with no issues.
Graduate, Brisbane
I love the main office. It's a great space that feels relaxed and not sterile. The dress code varies and allows people's personalities to show
Intern, Melbourne
No suits worn (can often go onto a construction site). Nice office space but it could be more modern.
Midlevel, Canberra
Working in Brisbane's office, the tallest timber building in Australia, is pretty cool! Very clean office space with added breakfast facilities. Dress code is very relaxed.
Intern, Brisbane
Open plan but with plenty of private spaces and meeting rooms. Lots of greenery and break out spaces for lunches, informal meetings and catch ups. Dress code is business casual and not particularly strict, so there's no need to dress up significantly!
Graduate, Melbourne
The office space is open plan including for senior management. It's comfortable and well equipped. The dress code is fairly standard office attire, it is also dependent on what you have on for the day. On Fridays, we have casual Friday.
Graduate, Melbourne
Our team is quite casual. Office is open and spacious, facilities are new and sufficient, and located in Neutral Bay, NSW. There are quite a lot of restaurants in the area.
Graduate, Sydney
The space could be designed better to have larger communal areas, including a kitchen.
Graduate, Sydney
Nice modern space, big windows, and good kitchens. Near trams and trains. Dress code is smart casual. Casual clothing on Fridays.
Midlevel, Melbourne
The head office is easy to access through public transport and cycling facilities. The office has sufficient desk space and a good set-up of monitors, ample space in the fridge, and has close access to parks. The dress-code is on the more casual side of corporate, and Fridays is casual clothes.
Graduate, Melbourne
The Brisbane office is amazing. It's the tallest timber building in Australia.
Graduate, Brisbane
Office location is in Docklands ' a bit quiet around the area. The office space and facilities are quite standard, on the new side but not modern. Dress code is relaxed; a lot of people turn up in casual wear most days and dress up more for client or executive interactions.
Graduate, Perth
The office at Brisbane is fantastic. I would like if it wasn't hot desking though. Sometimes it's really hard to find a desk.
Graduate, Brisbane
Beautiful open plan offices, agile working arrangements, collaboration spaces, usually in the heart of cities surrounded with amazing coffee shops and beautiful restaurants. Most offices have end of trip facilities (showers, lockers etc.) for those who commute by bike. Dress code is corporate attire; however, you always have a few engineers getting around in their fieldwork gear.
Graduate, ADELAIDE
The Melbourne office is new and nice and open, and has end of trip facilities. The dress code changes throughout the office. Some people wear suits every day while others are casual, depending if they are client facing or personal preference. Aurecon wants employees to be comfortable and dressed appropriately for their role, I think it allows a lot of freedom and self-expression in the work place.
Midlevel, Melbourne